Friday, November 04, 2011

GROUPON: Harmony Energy Beauty, IOI Boulevard

Purchased a Groupon voucher for Harmony Energy Beauty that includes Deep Sea Mineral Salt Scrub, Steam Bath, Aromatherapy Jacuzzi and Massage lasting for a blissful 2 whole hours!!! My whole body is overworked and I was experiencing pain and lethargy in every part of my body from head to toe.

The minute me and Yan Yan stepped into the place, we were welcomed by a dimly lit, woodenly peaceful and serene ambiance. We were then ushered into a room to change into our bikinis and my plump body got wonderfully scrubbed and the scrub smelt so nice and relaxing.

She generally scrubbed me from shoulder to feet and no time to feel shy as I lay there naked, fats and tummy exposed. Then, she ushered me into a steamer. I felt like a chicken being steamed over and over again. I felt every pore being opened and my layer of fats on my skin.

I was sweating like a fat women doing push ups but i was just sitting there in the steam. After that, I enjoyed my relaxing time in the jacuzzi!!! I love being submerged in lavender smelling water until i turn into a wrinkly dry prune.

The last and final part was the massage. I throughly, immensely enjoyed my massage. The massage was done by a nice Malay lady and she massaged me real good. I was having a slight runny nose and within 3 minutes of her massaging my nose, it was gone miraculously.

For those who knows that I was suffering from a bad feet for almost 2 weeks, can be rest assured that it's gone!! Just like that!!! Gone with the wind!! You can literally hear your bones creaking and she realign my veins and blood flow system.

Pictures are credited to Groupon and Harmony Energy Beauty. They are located in the same row as RHB Bank and directly in front of 7-11. The new row of shop lots in front of IOI Mall.

Harmony Energy Beauty,
Lot B3A-13A, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Phone: 03-80753383

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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