Monday, December 12, 2011

beats by Dr. Dre

Sorry for the lackluster pictures, I can't remember which inferior device I used to capture these pictures. Again, I'm too lazy to get these solo beats "professionally photographed". As I'm typing this, I'm actually using it and GOSH!!!

I'm not any music maverick but, you can really tell the difference, you hear every beat and the bass will just blow your mind away. I didn't buy this but I love it. It's an anniversary gift from LOML and he knows how much I've wanted these headphones...

I've been talking about them non stop and now, I got these. I've played with Skullcandy but they don't sound as good as beats. Anyways, I'm appreciating music more, now. and yes, i love LOML!!!

~you know i beat you~
Michelle May

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