Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas at Pavillion with Kysha

The 3 young girls, Me, Kysha and Ying Ning!

Me, Madrekins and Yan Yan 'kidnapped' Kysha for a day out in Pavillion. Kysha is the perfect little girl to hang out with and gosh, I love her to bits and pieces!!!! She's always fun, playing around and she always listens to you.

You know those brats running around in malls screaming? How about those brats that wants something and will throw a fit if they don't get it? How about those kids who insist they wanna go home because you're not shopping for toys? Kysha is so proper, she doesn't do any of the scenarios.

She's so easy to take care, she eats anything we eat, and she doesn't pick her food and when they spent 2 hours in Sg. Wang looking for a prom dress for Ying Ning, Kysha doesn't even complain one bit. You know me, I would complain that it's crowded, stuffy, idiotic people but this little girl, just walks around looking at things.

She's very well behaved, easy to take care and GOSH! She's not like any other little girls out there. If I ever have a daughter, I would want her to be like Kysha. Very smart, very girly, very fun, very well behaved, loves her Mommy and Daddy, very talented, and pretty.

~you know I love her~
Michelle May

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