Monday, December 12, 2011

Church Dinner with Eunisa

Goodies from Italy and Switzerland; Lindt Chocolates (2 Packs), CANI and ROMA Calendarios/Bookmarks, My name on a Horse Leather and a Bunny Bookmark.
Waka Waka Mushroom Soup which was delicious and very generous with the mushroom.

Hakuna Matata Chicken Chop which was delicious too...

Jo Ai, Chery and Eliza
Guitar by Terence
Jo Ai and Eliza
Food Presentation

Eunisa's daddy was generous to buy me dinner, not any dinner but a Charity Dinner at our church!!! It was really fun because of all the entertainers... Wish I could write more but I'm too tired and I just want to get over and done with all these updates! heh.

~you know I'm holy~
Michelle May

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