Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ornate Cross

Quilling teaches you patience and pride in your work. Here's my first attempt at quilling and I think it's pretty. What do you think? Will be making more in the future.

Monday, January 23, 2012


The 2 completed frames! Such a productive holiday that I enjoyed my craft sessions immensely.
Quilled this whole frame by hand. My first attempt at quilling and it surprisingly turned out very well. Hope you like it, though, it's all basic shapes and designs.
This was the bear one. And no, I didn't buy the bears and attached it to my frames, I made these bears from scratch.
The finished product of the bears. After baking them for 30-45 minutes, they come out hard and cute.... just like that.
When the bears are baking, you can see moisture, being sucked out of it and the bears looked like they were sweating in the oven!
I would make the frames as well but 5MYR for 3 frames at Ikea, It saves time and I just have to paint it and design the frames.

Been extremely busy with arts and crafts and my new hobby: Quilling is just so intricate and lovely. Since, I'm on a long break, might as well make a good use of my time and be more productive.

Been wanting to create frames for a long time because there were just too many ideas going around in this noggin of mine. Might as well churn some of them out to make space for more new ideas. And to use some of my old crafts ribbons and stuff.

So, what do you think?

~you know I'm crafty~
Michelle May

My Christmas?

This was the Christmas tree LOML bought for me because I love Christmas trees and though money is a bit tight, he still got me the tree! Compared to the teeny weeny tree I got myself!
And Santa visited and got me loads of gifts!!! I got a set of books, a RUSS bear named Hazel and a very nice and thoughtful book that I love very much: Guess How Much I Love You? oh, and Guerlain chocolates too!!!!
Believe it or not, I spent 100MYR on these hairbands! The silver one is from Sereni & Shentel from their limited edition Christmas Set and the red and multi colored one is from Kenji in Pavillion.
A collection of my hairbands which I love a lot! The top 4 are from Sereni & Shentel and the bottom 2 are from Kenji. Lovely, no?

Christmas was very interesting and at the end, I had fun during Christmas with LOML. He got me loads of gifts and I just gave him hugs and kisses. LOL!

He doesn't care, he said he likes seeing me happy. Anyhoo, I love these hairbands, what do you think?

~you know Im good~
Michelle May

World of Narnia @ Marina, SG.

This was all I could secretly snap on my BB after paying 5$ per entry. They do not allow us to take pictures which was freakingly stupid as!!! After going through the wardrobe, you get to see mythical creatures, map of Narnia and so much more.

I have no idea how my mom can actually destroy a picture of me sitting on the Ice Queen's throne. Was in love with the picture. I enjoyed my time here in "Narnia" but I still think that the "NO PICTURES" rule is fucked up.

~You know you picture me~
Michelle May

My Art on Nails

22/12-7/01, For Wicked the musical, I painted my nails, Wickedly Green! Green nail polish from The Face Shop. I love this color because it's bright and the paint spread easily.
For the week of 31/10/2011, I'm wearing "Springflowers" on my nails. Like it? It's exactly the same application and effect like Sally Hansen's Salon Effects but a fraction of the price. You can find lots of designs at Stardust, Fahrenheit, KL. Price: 18.90MYR.

This week's nail is all thanks to Sally Hansen. Got this box of Saloon Effects strips and I swear by them!! The best part? Lotsa design too!! But I'm waiting till Christmas for MORE designs to get shipped to Malaysia. It's really easy and super fast. (Perfect for people like me!)
(31/7/2011- 6/8/2011)Did my nails this weekend and this is OPI 450 Panda-monium Pink! Cute and sweet?

(23/7/2011-30/7/2011)Snow White: Tale of Terror. You know, when the wicked step mother dipped the apple into the poison and chanted, "As red as blood, as white as snow"

(16/7/2011-23/7/2011)Bonjour: My perfect Frenchie. Pretty or not??? Looks so clean cut!

Madre's Orange Sorbet done by me!!! It's actually a quirky reverse Frenchie.

(9/7/2011-16/7/2011)This is my royal flush!!! Same concept as the Frenchie but I love the burst of rebellious color than the classic French manicure's clean cut!

It was a bored weekend and I just splurged on some Rimmel nail colours. I bought a whole lot of 60 Seconds Nail Polish.

Here's the ones I used:
1) Lycra French Manicure
2) Rimmel Whitener
3) Rimmel Nail Rescue
4) 285 Style Hunter
5) 615 Fast & Fuchsia
6) 430 Coralicious

I'm thinking of getting more! Check Rimmel London out for more products or you can get them from Watson's or Parkson, 1 Utama. They're range are affordable (hence, I bought 6 bottles and counting) and I just love the quality of their products.

It spreads out well, not think or gunky, the colours last really long and remains as bright as the day you first applied it and I swear by Rimmel Nail Rescue. Use it for 14 days and read the directionsto achieve desired results.

More to come!

~you know arty me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quilling Update

I fell in love with quilling, before this, I love working with wood, paper crafts and even straws. But I wanted to broaden my horizon and besides my deep love for Nanoblocks, I need a new hobby to release stress. I love to make personalized photo frames and recently been experimenting with Sculpey Polymer clay, etc...

I recently saw the most beautiful piece of quilling work on a photo frame which prompted me to decide to self learn this beautiful art. I was all over Damansara and KL searching for tools which was the Slotted tool and Needle Quilling Tool but to no avail. I was actually hoping to get beginner kits but almost all bookstores has tones of kits for Origami. I guess Origami is a more popular form of paper art rather than quilling.

Nearly gave up until I found Aifel and Crafty Diva and it was reasonably priced and when I SMSed the number given, I was promptly replied and I was hooked, I transferred the money on the spot and will hope to get my stuff in 2-3 days! Super stoked.

I bought a promo pack which includes a "basic set" and a book which cost around 100MYR and 7MYR for delivery.

This is the book, perfect for beginners- Paper Quilling For The First Time.


Here's a sample of a few beautifully intricate quilling works of art!!!! I could only hope that I could create such beautiful artwork with more practice!

Oddity Central

1 day after I made payment, I got my parcel!!! Super duper stoked!!! Aziha from Crafty Diva is such a sweetie. She was updating me all the way. Very prompt and excellent service and I would highly recommend anyone interested in Quilling to contact her for supplies.

~you know i quill~
Michelle May

Pre Xmas!

We had Turkey, Meatloaf, Shrimp, Garden Salad with Bacon and Eggs, Roast Potatoes. Trust me when I say that It was delicioso!!!!
Our beautiful Yule Log cake which we had to rush to look for!!! It's so pretty and delicious. The chocolate wasn't very sweet like we expected it to be. But since we bought it from Australian Confectionary, we didn't have to worry. They sell only the best cakes!
Ah Gun is such a bad influence! Brought cigars and even though I look absolutely horrible, it was because I just landed in KLIA, cooked potatoes, salad and cleaned the place.
See? Ah Gun is making everyone smoke his cigar!!! LOL! We had tonnes of fun!!!
Daddykins was clearly enjoying himself! They finished my Dewar's and having such fun smoking away!
Candy cheh brought an Argentinean Red Wine and the men was trying to open it!!! LOL!
Aunty Serena and Mommykins became the expert at turkey carving and thanks to them, the turkey wasn't dismembered in a horrible manner!
Uncle Roland and Candy cheh looking at the food delightfully!!! We're gonna have a feast!!! Merry Xmas!!!

Pre Xmas was absolutely heavenly and fun!!! It's our first Christmas and it was all thanks to Yan!! She and Ah Gun ordered the Stuffed Turkey from Jaya Grocer and you should really try the turkey! I've always thought turkey was dry and tastes like chicken breast meat.

This turkey? was moist, succulent, and marinated in such a manner that flavors keep bursting in your mouth!!!! Then, we decided to get a cartons of beer and throw in a bottle of scotch and invited a few people and ta-daaa!!! A PARTY!!!

After eating, we gambled as usual. I was the winner. I went in the game with 1MYR but left with 33MYR!!! T'was a great day!!! Drinking, cigars, food, cake, gambling and lots laughter. Somehow, I'm looking forward to the next Xmas already.

Me and Mommykins are so glad we got on the plane and not spend a lonely Christmas alone in SG!!

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

Restaurants To Try in Singapore.

Top on my list is CUT by Wolfgang Puck. Honestly, if you don't know who he is, you need to stop being so ignorant. I don't know how to cook, and yet, Gosh!!! Anyways, in a nut shell, he is a celebrity chef, actor and owner of award winning restaurants. He is known as "The Greatest Chef In The World" and a 3 course meal here will costs roughly 300SGD per person more or less. CUT has branches in beverly Hills and Las Vegas.
High Society is a record label founded by That CD Shop, Singapore and this place is perfect for hi teas, or light meals. Didn't have time to try it out, but it's definitely on my MUST TRY list for the next visit.
Daniel Boulud is much known because his cooking show After Hours with Daniel on AFC. He's the owner of many Michelin 3 Star restaurants and also one The Great Chefs.

~you know me~
Michelle May


This time in Sinhapore, we lived really near to Orchard Rd. Makes it so much easier to shop, and we spend a lot of time in Orchard. What we didn't expect in Singapore is this!!! We were literally trapped with no way out!!!

When the water subsided, we immediately took a cab to East Coast for some yummylicious seafood!!!
We couldn't help it since Singapore has some great Lobster Salad that we had to try this dish!!! OMG!!! You can literally taste the freshness of the tender meat, and the meat is so fresh that it has a little crunch in it and with the fruit salad, it's out of this world!
This is the Special Prawns which the sauce is creamy and tangy and delicious.
This tofu was specially made for us. It's not available on the menu but they were nice enough to make it for us. Made us feel special!

The restaurant we went to was: Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in East Coast Seafood Centre. It's like loads of seafood restaurants and you'll be spoilt for choice! Best part? It's by the sea!!!
Living so close to Orchard Rd does have it's benefits. We get to enjoy the amazing Christmas lights in Orchard. Last year, it was pink or red and this year is blue. Isn't it just damn beautiful?

~you know I love Singapore~
Michelle May