Monday, January 23, 2012


The 2 completed frames! Such a productive holiday that I enjoyed my craft sessions immensely.
Quilled this whole frame by hand. My first attempt at quilling and it surprisingly turned out very well. Hope you like it, though, it's all basic shapes and designs.
This was the bear one. And no, I didn't buy the bears and attached it to my frames, I made these bears from scratch.
The finished product of the bears. After baking them for 30-45 minutes, they come out hard and cute.... just like that.
When the bears are baking, you can see moisture, being sucked out of it and the bears looked like they were sweating in the oven!
I would make the frames as well but 5MYR for 3 frames at Ikea, It saves time and I just have to paint it and design the frames.

Been extremely busy with arts and crafts and my new hobby: Quilling is just so intricate and lovely. Since, I'm on a long break, might as well make a good use of my time and be more productive.

Been wanting to create frames for a long time because there were just too many ideas going around in this noggin of mine. Might as well churn some of them out to make space for more new ideas. And to use some of my old crafts ribbons and stuff.

So, what do you think?

~you know I'm crafty~
Michelle May

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