Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bag Dilemma

I love the Mulberry bag but since i can't afford it yet, i have to settle. I found this 2 bags which I love because it more or less looks like the Mulberry bag. These 2 bags cost more or less the same and there's not much difference hence, the dilemma! I've not bought any bags for myself and I kinda need a new bag for casual use (everyday) and fits my iPad.

Please tell me what you think? Pretty please?

This bag is the Florence Lady bag from Accessorize and I like it because of the design. Many people don't like the color but this color will last because I'm a messy person and when I use it daily, the dirtiness won't show.

This bag is the Green Lydia Day bag from Miss Selfridge which many people liked because of it's color. In fact, I love this bag too coz the color is so pretty and brighter than the picture.

~you know I'm indecisive~
Michelle May

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