Monday, January 23, 2012

My Christmas?

This was the Christmas tree LOML bought for me because I love Christmas trees and though money is a bit tight, he still got me the tree! Compared to the teeny weeny tree I got myself!
And Santa visited and got me loads of gifts!!! I got a set of books, a RUSS bear named Hazel and a very nice and thoughtful book that I love very much: Guess How Much I Love You? oh, and Guerlain chocolates too!!!!
Believe it or not, I spent 100MYR on these hairbands! The silver one is from Sereni & Shentel from their limited edition Christmas Set and the red and multi colored one is from Kenji in Pavillion.
A collection of my hairbands which I love a lot! The top 4 are from Sereni & Shentel and the bottom 2 are from Kenji. Lovely, no?

Christmas was very interesting and at the end, I had fun during Christmas with LOML. He got me loads of gifts and I just gave him hugs and kisses. LOL!

He doesn't care, he said he likes seeing me happy. Anyhoo, I love these hairbands, what do you think?

~you know Im good~
Michelle May

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