Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pre Xmas!

We had Turkey, Meatloaf, Shrimp, Garden Salad with Bacon and Eggs, Roast Potatoes. Trust me when I say that It was delicioso!!!!
Our beautiful Yule Log cake which we had to rush to look for!!! It's so pretty and delicious. The chocolate wasn't very sweet like we expected it to be. But since we bought it from Australian Confectionary, we didn't have to worry. They sell only the best cakes!
Ah Gun is such a bad influence! Brought cigars and even though I look absolutely horrible, it was because I just landed in KLIA, cooked potatoes, salad and cleaned the place.
See? Ah Gun is making everyone smoke his cigar!!! LOL! We had tonnes of fun!!!
Daddykins was clearly enjoying himself! They finished my Dewar's and having such fun smoking away!
Candy cheh brought an Argentinean Red Wine and the men was trying to open it!!! LOL!
Aunty Serena and Mommykins became the expert at turkey carving and thanks to them, the turkey wasn't dismembered in a horrible manner!
Uncle Roland and Candy cheh looking at the food delightfully!!! We're gonna have a feast!!! Merry Xmas!!!

Pre Xmas was absolutely heavenly and fun!!! It's our first Christmas and it was all thanks to Yan!! She and Ah Gun ordered the Stuffed Turkey from Jaya Grocer and you should really try the turkey! I've always thought turkey was dry and tastes like chicken breast meat.

This turkey? was moist, succulent, and marinated in such a manner that flavors keep bursting in your mouth!!!! Then, we decided to get a cartons of beer and throw in a bottle of scotch and invited a few people and ta-daaa!!! A PARTY!!!

After eating, we gambled as usual. I was the winner. I went in the game with 1MYR but left with 33MYR!!! T'was a great day!!! Drinking, cigars, food, cake, gambling and lots laughter. Somehow, I'm looking forward to the next Xmas already.

Me and Mommykins are so glad we got on the plane and not spend a lonely Christmas alone in SG!!

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

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