Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quilling Update

I fell in love with quilling, before this, I love working with wood, paper crafts and even straws. But I wanted to broaden my horizon and besides my deep love for Nanoblocks, I need a new hobby to release stress. I love to make personalized photo frames and recently been experimenting with Sculpey Polymer clay, etc...

I recently saw the most beautiful piece of quilling work on a photo frame which prompted me to decide to self learn this beautiful art. I was all over Damansara and KL searching for tools which was the Slotted tool and Needle Quilling Tool but to no avail. I was actually hoping to get beginner kits but almost all bookstores has tones of kits for Origami. I guess Origami is a more popular form of paper art rather than quilling.

Nearly gave up until I found Aifel and Crafty Diva and it was reasonably priced and when I SMSed the number given, I was promptly replied and I was hooked, I transferred the money on the spot and will hope to get my stuff in 2-3 days! Super stoked.

I bought a promo pack which includes a "basic set" and a book which cost around 100MYR and 7MYR for delivery.

This is the book, perfect for beginners- Paper Quilling For The First Time.


Here's a sample of a few beautifully intricate quilling works of art!!!! I could only hope that I could create such beautiful artwork with more practice!

Oddity Central

1 day after I made payment, I got my parcel!!! Super duper stoked!!! Aziha from Crafty Diva is such a sweetie. She was updating me all the way. Very prompt and excellent service and I would highly recommend anyone interested in Quilling to contact her for supplies.

~you know i quill~
Michelle May

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