Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This time in Sinhapore, we lived really near to Orchard Rd. Makes it so much easier to shop, and we spend a lot of time in Orchard. What we didn't expect in Singapore is this!!! We were literally trapped with no way out!!!

When the water subsided, we immediately took a cab to East Coast for some yummylicious seafood!!!
We couldn't help it since Singapore has some great Lobster Salad that we had to try this dish!!! OMG!!! You can literally taste the freshness of the tender meat, and the meat is so fresh that it has a little crunch in it and with the fruit salad, it's out of this world!
This is the Special Prawns which the sauce is creamy and tangy and delicious.
This tofu was specially made for us. It's not available on the menu but they were nice enough to make it for us. Made us feel special!

The restaurant we went to was: Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in East Coast Seafood Centre. It's like loads of seafood restaurants and you'll be spoilt for choice! Best part? It's by the sea!!!
Living so close to Orchard Rd does have it's benefits. We get to enjoy the amazing Christmas lights in Orchard. Last year, it was pink or red and this year is blue. Isn't it just damn beautiful?

~you know I love Singapore~
Michelle May

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