Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just B, WH by British India

This is the whimsical interior, I was talking about.... This is from 1 Utama.

This is the standalone store at The Gardens, Mid Valley

All stores/location photos credit to British India.

I used to be so in love with the beautiful dresses at WH, 1 Utama (above British india) and I love the whole whimsical deco but I hated the price of the clothes!!! It was too expensive!!! But they were very (extremely!) pretty. I'm always into lace and florals and maxi dresses!!

So, when WH closed down to make way for Tangs, they kinda changed their name to Just B, I discovered this only after spending a fortune (For CNY!) at Just b, The Gardens, Mid Valley and I was so happy that Just B is available inside British India at 1 Utama.

I could go on and on and on about how much I love this brand and how much money I've invested but that's not what you wanna know. The clothes here are very structured, fun and yet casual and formal at the same time. The clothes are beautifully done and this is the only shop that I love more than 1 piece of item.

They use high quality materials, beautiful craftmanship, and they clothes fit really well. You can look at the maxi dress that I wore for a Church Fund Raising. It's beautiful, right? The dress even comes in so many different options, there's another plain spaghetti strap option which I tried first that The BF preferred this option with a tie back.

I can't get enough of Just B. Over the weekend, just bought this really sweet spaghetti strap top. Told ya, I can't get enough of Just B!

You can find them here:

Just B (Inside British India)
1 Utama, New Wing.

Just B (Inside British india)
Great Eastern Mall

Just B
The Gardens, Mid valley

Just B,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

New Life Fund Raising

I love this picture!!!! Brownie points for anyone who knows who they are!!! I love them!!! They're T4C...(Tenors for Christ!) And boy, are they really great singers!!! Unfortunately, it's only 2 of them outta 3 and even than, they were so good!!! Fav pic!!!
my current Facebook display picture!!! The beautiful, gorgeous and expensive dress is all thanks to The BF... As usual, he wanted me to look my best!
Me and Dr. Sathi and Eunisa's hand made goodies, all for charity!!!! For sale at 150MYR per piece...
Eunisa's performance. She performed 3 songs on piano and the first song had some hiccups but the 2 last song was great!!!
Eunisa's dad, Uncle Adrian who I wanna thank so much for a lovely night!!! He is auctioning some stuff for charity.
Performers of the night was violinist Dennis Lau!!! Such a stellar performance and gosh, I love violins ever since I saw him play!!!!
This is Teresa Kok and I like her but she needs to retain people's interest by getting to the point... I lost her at approx 10 minutes after she started speaking... But, I've always admired her and I think she's a strong woman.
The youths of the church are really talented and they performed really well... They were all in sync and they had fun!

Hope you enjoyed my church fund raising night, as much as I did!!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bitter Dark

I've been craving for bitter and dark chocolate (Cacao: 60% and above) like a blardy, friggin, pregnant woman!!! I've no idea but I woke up one day, just craving for some intense dark chocolate.

Those with no idea about the cacao industry, the higher the cacao content, the more bitter the bar is and bars with high cacao content are generally more expensive than normal chocolate bar because it's like "pure" chocolate, man!

The best part about this craving is the cacao content. I was craving for 60% cacao or more!!! I couldn't find anything in the usual grocery stores but I did find my little stash at Candylicious, 1 Utama!!!

I've been to Candylicious in SG millions of times and the one in MY is not even half of the SG one! Anyways, The BF got me the chocolates, though I have no idea why he's always in Candylicious! He's like a kid, he thinks that the candy land is so fascinating and the price.

Spent 50MYR on these goodies and with that price, i could've gotten huge, sugar laden bags of chocolates!!! I told him that 1 would be good but he got me both because of my indecisiveness.

I finished half of the Ghirardelli one while watching Ghost Rider 3D.... Oh, we enjoyed the movie immensely. I've always enjoyed the Ghost Rider trilogy. It's like a blend of Da Vincci Code and Van Helsing, but this time, it's with the Sixth Sense thrown in.

~you know I cacao~
Michelle May

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I feel depressed because I miss The BF very, very much and God knows how much we both wanna be done with our studies.

I feel it in my bones and I hope that this semester will be a good one! For one, there's no exams!!

I feel really stressed since I have to handle my repercussions from the previous semester and deal with my dissertation!

I still wanna lose all the rogue weight that sneaked up on me when I was having too much fun!

I need to settle into a healthy rhythm and be more responsible for my health! I need to exercise every morning, shower, cook lunch, study. <----- this would be my ideal lifestyle. Except Friday due to classes.

I need to save my money, seriously. No buying clothes for 1 month. I mean, the BF got me a very lovely and expensive dress from British India and I have lots of brand new clothes, so, I need to stop buying more clothes!

I need to learn how to cook. I've been cooking the occasional dishes here and there, but I need to learn how to cook, for real...

The BF birthday is coming soon and I need to get him a birthday present and I wanna get him a really nice present he would love. I mean, he spoils me all the time. Problem is, he has everything. Any suggestions?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

Waaaay much happier times when he threw me this really amazing party! He loves making people happy.

I feel so horrible with the new semester. In fact, i feel so upset. This semester, we are only able to spend once a week with each other. When I have classes, he's free. When my class is over, his is just beginning. I love it that he's so serious about Uni and church but I feel so neglected.

Im going to avoid all forms of media on Valentine's Day because it's so depressing... to have but not to hold. Anyways, we spent our little pathetic Valentine's Day on Sunday. He's trying, I know but I feel so depressed. We had Little Penang Cafe for lunch and Dave's for dinner.

He wanted to get me a dress as a present but I didn't find any that I liked. Will probably go shopping again soon. This Valentine's Day will be spend in class with my Dean all the way till 9PM. If you're going to be spending your Valentine's Day with your loved ones, I'm sincerely happy for you but I don't wanna hear about it.

To all those love birds out there, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Enjoy yourself but please raise a glass and dedicate it to those who are in love but are not able to spend Valentine's Day together.

~happy Valentine's day~
Michelle May

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'm Artsy Fartsy!

There were times when I couldn't sleep, or couldn't focus. Quilling helped me so much in those times when i need some sort of project. I made each and every single one of this piece by hand and it took hours! Oh, quilling is not cheap in Malaysia! In 2 months, I've spent almost 300MYR on stuff, papers, glue, etc.... The teddy bears are made of high quality, imported Oven baked Clay and the mould is expensive.

Spent so much of time and money and i love them too much to sell. The photo frames are from IKEA but I painted them with 3 coats of paint and they are lacquered twice to give them a beautiful, glossy finish but still keep their wooden texture. I'm interested in selling them, but I don't know the price and where to start. Any suggestions?

The floral plaque with my name adds a great personalized effect to any bedrooms and if you're interested to custom make your own name plaque, please drop me an e-mail at with the title Quilled Plaque and it cost about 40MYR (inclusive of delivery)

I do need some time to make one single plaque because of my MA schedule. Doing your MA full time is a killer! Oh, if you quill and you need frames, do holla at me. I have 13X18cm and 30X40cm in an assortment of bright colors and they are suitable for storing your quilled masterpieces. The basic frame is from IKEA NYTTJA which I used beautiful Japanese motif cloth to adorn the borders as seen in the Ornate Cross and Snowflake photo frame. Prices are negotiable.

~you know Im artsy fartsy~
Michelle May