Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bitter Dark

I've been craving for bitter and dark chocolate (Cacao: 60% and above) like a blardy, friggin, pregnant woman!!! I've no idea but I woke up one day, just craving for some intense dark chocolate.

Those with no idea about the cacao industry, the higher the cacao content, the more bitter the bar is and bars with high cacao content are generally more expensive than normal chocolate bar because it's like "pure" chocolate, man!

The best part about this craving is the cacao content. I was craving for 60% cacao or more!!! I couldn't find anything in the usual grocery stores but I did find my little stash at Candylicious, 1 Utama!!!

I've been to Candylicious in SG millions of times and the one in MY is not even half of the SG one! Anyways, The BF got me the chocolates, though I have no idea why he's always in Candylicious! He's like a kid, he thinks that the candy land is so fascinating and the price.

Spent 50MYR on these goodies and with that price, i could've gotten huge, sugar laden bags of chocolates!!! I told him that 1 would be good but he got me both because of my indecisiveness.

I finished half of the Ghirardelli one while watching Ghost Rider 3D.... Oh, we enjoyed the movie immensely. I've always enjoyed the Ghost Rider trilogy. It's like a blend of Da Vincci Code and Van Helsing, but this time, it's with the Sixth Sense thrown in.

~you know I cacao~
Michelle May

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