Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'm Artsy Fartsy!

There were times when I couldn't sleep, or couldn't focus. Quilling helped me so much in those times when i need some sort of project. I made each and every single one of this piece by hand and it took hours! Oh, quilling is not cheap in Malaysia! In 2 months, I've spent almost 300MYR on stuff, papers, glue, etc.... The teddy bears are made of high quality, imported Oven baked Clay and the mould is expensive.

Spent so much of time and money and i love them too much to sell. The photo frames are from IKEA but I painted them with 3 coats of paint and they are lacquered twice to give them a beautiful, glossy finish but still keep their wooden texture. I'm interested in selling them, but I don't know the price and where to start. Any suggestions?

The floral plaque with my name adds a great personalized effect to any bedrooms and if you're interested to custom make your own name plaque, please drop me an e-mail at with the title Quilled Plaque and it cost about 40MYR (inclusive of delivery)

I do need some time to make one single plaque because of my MA schedule. Doing your MA full time is a killer! Oh, if you quill and you need frames, do holla at me. I have 13X18cm and 30X40cm in an assortment of bright colors and they are suitable for storing your quilled masterpieces. The basic frame is from IKEA NYTTJA which I used beautiful Japanese motif cloth to adorn the borders as seen in the Ornate Cross and Snowflake photo frame. Prices are negotiable.

~you know Im artsy fartsy~
Michelle May

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