Saturday, February 18, 2012


I feel depressed because I miss The BF very, very much and God knows how much we both wanna be done with our studies.

I feel it in my bones and I hope that this semester will be a good one! For one, there's no exams!!

I feel really stressed since I have to handle my repercussions from the previous semester and deal with my dissertation!

I still wanna lose all the rogue weight that sneaked up on me when I was having too much fun!

I need to settle into a healthy rhythm and be more responsible for my health! I need to exercise every morning, shower, cook lunch, study. <----- this would be my ideal lifestyle. Except Friday due to classes.

I need to save my money, seriously. No buying clothes for 1 month. I mean, the BF got me a very lovely and expensive dress from British India and I have lots of brand new clothes, so, I need to stop buying more clothes!

I need to learn how to cook. I've been cooking the occasional dishes here and there, but I need to learn how to cook, for real...

The BF birthday is coming soon and I need to get him a birthday present and I wanna get him a really nice present he would love. I mean, he spoils me all the time. Problem is, he has everything. Any suggestions?

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