Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

Waaaay much happier times when he threw me this really amazing party! He loves making people happy.

I feel so horrible with the new semester. In fact, i feel so upset. This semester, we are only able to spend once a week with each other. When I have classes, he's free. When my class is over, his is just beginning. I love it that he's so serious about Uni and church but I feel so neglected.

Im going to avoid all forms of media on Valentine's Day because it's so depressing... to have but not to hold. Anyways, we spent our little pathetic Valentine's Day on Sunday. He's trying, I know but I feel so depressed. We had Little Penang Cafe for lunch and Dave's for dinner.

He wanted to get me a dress as a present but I didn't find any that I liked. Will probably go shopping again soon. This Valentine's Day will be spend in class with my Dean all the way till 9PM. If you're going to be spending your Valentine's Day with your loved ones, I'm sincerely happy for you but I don't wanna hear about it.

To all those love birds out there, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Enjoy yourself but please raise a glass and dedicate it to those who are in love but are not able to spend Valentine's Day together.

~happy Valentine's day~
Michelle May

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