Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Leon and his Mommy: Sarah. A vet.

There's something about my face that he just cannot resist! He loves looking at my face!
With Eunisa!!!

Had a great day on Monday! Went out with Eunisa and found out that we suck real bad at bowling after 3 games. We are really good at Wii Bowling but somehow, the real deal, we suck balls!!! Hahahahah!!! Gutter balls.

Then, we had a great lunch at Dave's with the lovely Sarah and baby Leon!!! Sarah is Eunice's friend from Vet school and since Eunice is leaving, so, we spent some time together... OMG! I just fell in love with Leon and he's a great baby.

I'm not a huge fan of babies and I'm kind of afraid of them but Leon has the most beautifully, big, round eyes that can make anyone go gaga over him.... He's also such a happy baby!!! He has that cute little smile and he laughs and if I have a baby, I wish he's like Leon. So happy and smiley!!

Needless to say, I fell in love with him. And, funny thing is, I'm not scared of him. Sarah is a great mom and Leon is a great baby.... Hope to see them again, soon. Thanks to the both of them, I want a baby of my own....

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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