Monday, March 12, 2012


MooGoo Full Cream (69MYR) 250ml, with ingredients enough to make a nice lil bowl of salad. Naturally, hand made.

Product I was using before: Vardi & Migdal White Flower Body Butter (70SGD) 350ml, Pricey and with ingredients to make a nuclear bomb, I had to finish this jar before I could get a new one. Thank God it finally finished after 2 years. I bought, just because I loved the scent.

I spent close to 1 hour at the pharmacy reading labels, comparing labels and finally, decided on MooGoo Full Cream. I was shocked to see Urea (Commonly used as fertilizers and derived from Urea is made in the the liver and removed from the body via the kidneys in the urine flow as the microscopic solid by product), Mineral Oil (Leftover gasoline which is more expensive to dispose and derived from the distillation of gasoline from crude oil) and Glycerol (produced by saponification of fats as a byproduct of soap making)

I don't believe in heaping chemicals eg: urea, petroleum by-products on my skin so, I was looking for natural products that complements my skin and I found it in MooGoo's Full Cream Moisturiser. Upon application, my skin seems to love it!! My skin is smoother, firmer, softer and healthier and you can really notice the difference.

I love MooGoo stuff and i cannot wait to try their Deodorant, Hair Care and Milk Soap.

MooGoo AU or MooGoo MY and it's available at Caring Pharmacies nationwide and also available online. Their products are suited for eczema or psoriasis patients and it's safe and natural. I have no skin problems, but I use it because of the natural ingredients. I'm not saying that they totally do not use any form of chemical, they do, just a minimal amount.

~you know you moo me~
Michelle May

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