Sunday, April 15, 2012

Masters In International Relations

"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism, to steal from many is research" - Unknown

Been doing my MA since September and whoever that said MA is easy, should fuck themselves in the back! In fact, it's far from easy. When you're at that level, everyone expects so much from you. A degree is like and international accreditation to prove that you're smart.

I have so many papers that prove I'm smart and yet, here I am, adding another one to the list. Coming from a Policy and Communication background makes it all even harder. They don't teach you anything in Communication, and you kinda feel like a smart-ass because you get Distinctions like hot cakes by not ding anything.

i was that smart ass. I thought I could do anything, so, I decided to be a Master in Political Sciences. i figured that it shouldn't be that tough since I enjoy reading about what's going on in other parts of the world and I enjoy the travelling and being holier than thou.

Honestly, after 8 months, I find that most politicians are shit! Just take a look at Malaysia! And I believe that "politicians and diapers have one thing in common - they should be changed regularly and for the same reason"

Currently I despise with such contempt a leader of our "fine" nation. I think that God loves stupid people, He made so many of them... All I like about my course is the Diplomacy and Terrorism module. Diplomacy is more or less like PR, "A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you'll look forward to the trip."

And Terrorism is plain old interesting. I find murders, genocide scarily appealing. Nothing beats the entertainment of lining up a whole bunch of people and shooting them till they're all dead. Some people deserves it and I have a rough idea of who to line up and shoot. Idiots are the cause of genocides.

On the other hand, the experience made me appreciate my mom and The BF more. My mom is one hell of a woman. She made sure I was given the opportunity to do my Masters and she provided everything. Most importantly, she believed in me and do all she can to make my life more at ease. She would sacrifice anything for me if I asked her to and I'm grateful.

The BF on the other hand, makes me do my assignments. He has lots of assignments and it's fun when we sit together and do our assignments together. Besides that, he made his sister send me all the books relevant to my dissertation from Africa. It helps that he's in Nigeria and his brother is a big shot with links to ECOWAS that I'm writing my dissertation on.

I'm truly blessed and loved and I only have Jesus Christ to thank for blessing me with wonderful people in my life and He has been blessing me with abundance as well. I can't wait to be done with my Masters and put all these behind me.

~you know i'm smart~
Michelle May

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