Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Excited But Scared

Being a foreigner in a foreign land, what can I say? I'm excited because it's an adventure but I'm scared, what if the people are mean? Leaving all sense of familiarity is somewhat, scary. 

I miss my familiar smells of my room, the creaking sounds at night, my dog barking and the little hugs that my dog gives, whenever I come home. 

He is always patiently waiting till I come home. Whenever i come home, even for a few minutes, he gets super excited and craves for attention and hugs and pets. I guess, I will miss him so much!!! 

It's always fun to explore new places and Daejeon seems interesting enough. Everyday of my Summer is filled with something to do, Taewondo classes, Hiking, Korean Cinema, Korean Language, Korean Fashion, COEX, all sorts of things... 

I'm sad to leave the comforts of home, The Cocker Spaniel, The Guinea Piggies, The Familia and The BF (not in any order!) and living in KR for Summer is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope everything will be A-OK!!! 

Till then...

~you know you'll miss me~
Michelle May

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