Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DAY 1: Eunhang-Dong and HanNam University

 I apologize first as this post has so many pictures. I made so many nice friends here that I just have to share it!!! If you're thinking of coming to Korea for Summer School, please do!!! 
 My roomies: The Americano - The 2 Brittany and The Crazy Colombiano: Claudia.

This is Tai (Vietnam) from the same Uni as I am and our Korean buddy!!!
Our first lunch is 닭갈비 Dakgalbi which is chicken marinated in chili pepper paste, stir fried with cabbages, sweet potato, onion and rice cake. It was too spicy for everyone's liking but me and Tai loved it!!! 
 After lunch, we went to Eunhang-Dong for some look-see and it has so many things to see!!!
 Picture sesh at the entrance of Eunhang-Dong and the locals refer to this place as Downtown from HanNam University.

 I didn't get to try the tall ice cream at Myeong Dong but luckily, I found it here and it costs about 1,000 won (3MYR) and man, it was smooth, creamy, delicious and perfect for a hot summer day!!!

There were more food like this all over, really wanted to try Korean street food!!! 

For dinner, our buddies took us for 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal which is a popular Korean dish which is technically BBQ pork... 
 This is our Korean buddy Seung and he has to do all the grilling or BBQ-ing...
 The assortment of dishes that came with the platter.
This was the pork platter and it was delicious as well... I don't know what else to say, I seem to be enjoying the food here but the rest seem to have a problem with the spiciness of the food....

It was a great day out for everyone to get to know everyone else... So far, I haven't missed home because The BF is always on Messenger at 8PM sharp and the feeling of homesickness hasn't kicked in yet.

~you miss me, right?~
Michelle May

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