Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 2: O-Jung-Dong and Dorm

 This is our school HanNam University in Daejeon, 3 hours away from the airport.

the school has many verandas like this for you to rest and it's full of greenery!
 This is the dorm that I share with Brittany, Claudia and Heewoen and it's messy but it has a nice homey feeling that, everyone has their little "space"
 This is my little space and the only reason it's tidy, it's because all my stuff is at Claudia's and there is this little "stairs" to go up to your bed!
This are the other 2 besties of mine... they are Laura and Gustavo and they're from Colombia. It was awkward that I speak in Spanish since I haven't spoken in Spanish for years and they are very encouraging!!! They correct my mistakes and cheers when I get it right. After 2 days, they speak to me in Spanish and I translate to the rest and oh! They are very endearing to... Gustavo keeps saying "Saranghaeyo" (I Love you) to everyone he meets and Laura is always around to give you hugs!

 This was the snacks while waiting for our food was radish (pickled, of course!) and some round chips...
 Fried chicken is served family style and a whole chicken is cut, fried and served... 5 of us shared a whole chicken and it's about 16,000 won.
This is the Shooting Star ice cream from Baskin Robbins that Tai bought us... he was so sweet to treat us and i LOVED THE ICE CREAM!!! It has little Pop Rocks that pop and sizzles in your mouth!! 

Today's pictures are in Gustavo's camera, so, I will try and get it from him to post it here... Till then, besos!!!

Whenever I skype or video chat with The Familia and The BF, i feel so sad and that I miss everyone but when I'm here, I don't have the time to miss them and I'm so happy and always laughing with my friends.  Some people just shouldn't be here. It's disappointing the way they behave and some are so anti-social.

Our group is always laughing and happy and talking and our room is the noisiest. But i love it.

~I miss home~
Michelle May


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