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Day 5 & 6: Jeonju Hanok Village, Traditional Wedding & Bibimbap Making

On the 1st Week and on Friday till Saturday, we visited a "slow village" and it's called a slow village because its home to 800 over Korean hanoks. Hanok is traditional Korean houses and stepping into this place is like, you're going back in time ala MIB III... 

 This is a typical home or street like in Jeonju... Very clean, paved and everything is clean and organized!

 This little stream runs through Jeonju Village and it's beautiful but I can't help think that it's equivalent to Malaysia longkang... but this is a very pretty longkang..
 A typical hanok in Jeonju where they still retain their millenium old charm with intricate doors and the roof of the hanok uses wood that is precut and fitted into the beams and no nails are used.
 Our "hotel" a typical hanok sleeping area where people sleep on mattress on the floor and the windows are still covered with paper just like the good ol days!
 My Bibimbap making crew! According to Wikitravel "Bibimbap is one of the most famous Korean dishes native to this region. Bibim means mixing and bap means rice. Served in the traditional brassware,it consists of rice with seasonal stir fried vegetables (carrot, bean sprout, radish, spinach, zucchini.bracken), seaweed (gim), and hot pepper paste (gochujang). It is also available in a hot stone bowl (dol sot), which slowly cooks the egg as you stir the ingredients together. The characteristic thing about Jeonju bibimbap is that it comes with Korean beef tartar (Yukhoe), Hwang Po Mook (a yellow jelly made from mung beans) and raw egg yolk (most of other regions in Korea serve with fried egg). Besides, Also give Mountain Vegetable (San Chae)"
 Our Bibimbap ingredients... I feel like I'm in Masterchef because we were supposed to cook Bibimbap after our teacher taught us how to make it!
 The end result? A Colourful, beautiful Bibimbap!!! This was made by the teacher and not me!!! This is how a traditional Bibimbap SHOULD look like.
 AND.... Presenting my Bibimbap!!! What do you think? Horrible? I didn't like the other ingredients so, this personalized Bibimbap only had things I liked!!! The yellow slices are the mung bean jelly!!! All I can say, Bibimbap is an acquired taste!
 Do you see me screaming KSSP?? We had a "Hanbuk" session where we get to try on the "Hanbuk" which is Korean's traditional clothing!

 Surprised that my boobs can actually fit into a "Hanbuk" and don't I look pretty here??? LOL!
 Next, we had to attend the Korean Traditional Music class where I played the Janggu!! According to Wikpedia - Janggu is the "most widely used drum used in the traditional music of Korea. It is available in most kinds, and consists of an hourglass-shaped body with two heads made from animal skin. The two heads produce sounds of different pitch andtimbre, which when played together are believed to represent the harmony of man and woman."
 Next, off we went to a book printing class and book binding class... The traditional way where you spread ink on an iron cast and place a paper over it to "print" the words unto the paper. Then, you have to bind it and I did a pretty good job! Next to me is Laura from Universidad del Norte (Colombia)
 I found this shaggy dog and was so hyperactive! One of the coordinators tried to take a picture with her and she wouldn't sit still and i went up to her and told her to sit and she sat down before showing me her love and affection by licking my whole face!! Gosh! I really miss The Cocker Spaniel!!!
One of the best ice cream in Korea that I've tasted so far!! It's flavour is the rubus coreanus which is a species of raspberry native to KoreaJapan, and China and it comes in a frozen tin and a machine will push it out into a cone and it cost about (2,500Won) and it's so creamy like froyo with berry taste and it's so delicious!!!

~you know I'm old~
Michelle May

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