Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm having Korea withdrawal syndrome. The fast paced life in Korea where there's something to do everyday and everyday is hectic to Malaysia where everything is so leisurely. Daddy recovered fairly well and within a week, he was discharged from the hospital but he needs constant care and Thank God for the familia. 

I threw myself wholeheartedly into my dissertation and I keep stressing myself out. It's so crazy and I realized that, if given another month, I will still procrastinate and I need all the strength and wisdom of God to get me through this trial. 

I don't know what happened to my Precious Cocker Spaniel but he has got a very bad case of maggot wound and he's staying at the hospital for the time being. I hate maggot wound and the most nastiest and graphic picture is, maggots crawling in your car dropping out from the dog's body. God knows how it happened. I've had him for 10 years and this is the first time!

I've been eating some good food, spending some quality time with people I love and been doing some major shopping!!! It's Ramadhan here, so you know what it means? Bazaar Ramadhan!!! Can't wait to get some yummylicious food from the TTDI Bazaar later!!! 

~you know you missed me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 19: Drinking Harem

Our last night was spent drinking. No, we didn't drink till we're drunk, but we drank till we're woozy and didn't realise that it was past curfew so we had to run back to campus while we're tipsy!!

Our campus curfew is 11PM then, the doors will be locked and at 12AM, the door will be opened for 5 minutes only. Thank God, we made it! It was a really nice place as the decor was Morroccan inspired and we had our own, private room! 

I'm glad I spent my last days in Korea drinking. It's tough being an adult when you're surrounded by little kids... But at least I had fun and enjoyed Korea!!!

~you know you can't wait~
Michelle May

Day 18: Graduation Ceremony!!!

It was a sad day and left pretty much everyone in tears! I don't cry easily unless I want to cry so, I was the few that didn't cry but I was sad though. Maybe I couldn't wait to get home but I still miss some really nice people here. One of my bestest friend I made was the other Colombian girl, Laura. I will miss all the Korean buddies!

More pictures will be updated accordingly but this is all for now. Can't wait to come home!!!

~you know you've missed me~
Michelle May


This is gonna be a post-full of pictures because EVERLAND is just awesome like that! Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I just wrote a 20,000 words post! ENJOY!! 

 Our little Cabin in the Woods! Just kidding but one cabin like this, housed 40 people!

The pictures below are from the SAFARI where you take a bus and you see the animals up close in an open enclosure. Lions, Tigers and Bears are just wandering around in large areas! This was the highlight of my EVERLAND trip because I hate theme parks and rides make me sick.

I finally tried MINI MELTS!!! It melted too fast for my liking and this little cup costs me 3,500Won!

for 1,000Won, you get a little food packet to feed these friendly birds! they will come chirping and a whole bunch will perch on your hands!

Midnight Magic was one of the highlight of the show!!! A procession of brightly lit vehicles and people was so magical!!!! 

The highlight of EVERLAND. Fireworks that BLOW YOUR MIND!!! In Malaysia or any part of the world, fireworks are released on random (Or so I thought, and the Americans and even the Colombians!) but this fireworks, they tell a story!

 In Everland, where cute, furry little wood creatures live, a magician thirsty for power, set fire to the woods to destroy the creatures.

The magician has a huge fire breathing dragon to set the whole place on fire and kill those little creatures that fight him. Note the little colored creatures on stage!

The little creatures too had a special help from a Phoenix that rises from the ashes of the forest!!! The phoenix turns purple, green, pick, turquoise and all sorts of color!!!

The phoenix rose and killed the dragon, ensuring peace in EVERLAND!!! Fireworks are then released to honour the phoenix!

A sweet ending to a perfectly magical, wonderful day! Themeparks never fail to bring out the little kid in you!!!

~you know I'm still a kid~
Michelle May


Day 16: Hyundai Asan Plant, ETRI, KARI

Hyundai was very impressive and as usual, no pictures allowed so, this was the only picture I got of Hyundai. Let me tell you why I was so impressed by Hyundai (I'm not impressed easily!) because we got a VIP tour of the car manufacturing plant. We get to see how cars are made!!! The surprising part? Most of the cars are made by robots!!! A yellow line on the floor, guides a robot to carry parts of engines to be used in a car, and robots, fixes the engines to the car! (In all, we saw less than 30 people!) and the chassis of a car, is screwed, doors are attached and painted by robots! 

After Hyundai, we visited ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) and its technology at its finest! Technology isn't limited anymore and everyone has access to technology and technology makes our lives safer, healthier and happier!

 The robot that could mimik human face expression. Too bad, he's sleeping now.

 For teaching Biology to school children, very soon, you don't need to dissect frogs, you could see the whole complex system of a frog, just like humans.

Then we visited KARI (Korean Aerospace Research Institute) where they navigate and manages satellite in the aerospace. Too bad, I'm not interested in Aerospace hence, it was boring to me. 

Again, today was tiring but at least we're going on our last overnight trip in EVERLAND!!! And time really flies and I managed to change my flight in order to leave by this week. I enjoyed Korea but I can't forget responsibilities back home. Can't wait to go home! 

~you know you miss me loads~
Michelle May

Day 15: Korea Ginseng Corp.

Ginseng is really expensive and you know why? It takes a whole 6 years before it's ready for harvesting! I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking. 

 Like humans, Ginseng has male and female ginsengs as well. Isn't God's creation so remarkable?
 The Male Ginseng! Picture courtesy of Our Life Our Writes - Brittanys
The Female Ginseng. 

We were pressed for time as we had to go back to campus to attend our final class. 

But tomorrow, we're visiting Hyundai Motors, ETRI and KARI!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May