Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 11: War Memorial, Imjingak, DMZ TOUR: DORA Observatory & 3rd Tunnel

We woke up bright and early to visit the War memorial and an English guide took us through years and parts of the Korean War. This made me realise that we can't take our freedom for granted. 

 This particular scene really touched my heart. The father and mother was carrying all the necessities while the child hung on to the mother with fear in his eyes as the sirens blared hurrying them out of the village. War doen't bring good at all. Why must everyone suffer for the sake of some people's agenda?

 This is a Geobukseon (거북선) that was used from the early 15th century till the 19th century during the Joseon dynasty that was engineered by Yi Sun-Shin a Naval Commander. The shape is just a basic ship with a turtle like shell covering the top. Really magnificent! 

 We weren't allowed to take pictures at the military zone but this is from the DORA Observatory. I like the tagline, "End of separation, beginning of unification"
 You can literally "look into" North Korea from here and it's so sad that North Korea is just there and I keep forgetting that they're the same country, just divided. I keep thinking that North Korea is a totally different country!
North Korea dug more than 20 tunnels in attempts to conquer Seoul and this is one of the tunnels that they dug. This is the 3rd tunnel discovered by the Koreans. I couldn't go into the tunnel cause I could barely breathe going in...

At the DMZ. Yours truly stupidly deleted all the pictures hence, the cardraider watermark.

At the entrance of the War Memorial, "Freedom is not free"was inscribed along with the names of those who died at war from America, Australia and many other countries who had assisted the South Koreans during the Korean War.

I still feel eerie and immense sadness that so many people died in a foreign land. You see, whether we like it or not, we're all connected. When one dies, it affects everyone. And I feel so sad and I really don't want a war. Peace out!

~you know you peace me~
Michelle May

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