Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 12: 5th Army Division.

 The roads are barricaded and only authorized vehicles get to pass, yes, we're authorized vehicle.

 We get to see 4 different tanks and their different specialities. And we get to shoot an empty shell outta a tank and even get to ride in a tank!!!

 These are the boards that explains each tank. One rotates 360 degrees, another goes underwater and another goes on rough terrains.
 I feel like I'm in a Yellowcard- Only One video and it was exhilarating!!! I loved it here!!!

Yes, they're fully loaded and I get to "play" with them!!!
 My training session!!! We had to shoot till we hit the target. I did. It feels powerful shooting a gun!

Cool, no?

~you know I'm tough~
Michelle May

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