Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 16: Hyundai Asan Plant, ETRI, KARI

Hyundai was very impressive and as usual, no pictures allowed so, this was the only picture I got of Hyundai. Let me tell you why I was so impressed by Hyundai (I'm not impressed easily!) because we got a VIP tour of the car manufacturing plant. We get to see how cars are made!!! The surprising part? Most of the cars are made by robots!!! A yellow line on the floor, guides a robot to carry parts of engines to be used in a car, and robots, fixes the engines to the car! (In all, we saw less than 30 people!) and the chassis of a car, is screwed, doors are attached and painted by robots! 

After Hyundai, we visited ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) and its technology at its finest! Technology isn't limited anymore and everyone has access to technology and technology makes our lives safer, healthier and happier!

 The robot that could mimik human face expression. Too bad, he's sleeping now.

 For teaching Biology to school children, very soon, you don't need to dissect frogs, you could see the whole complex system of a frog, just like humans.

Then we visited KARI (Korean Aerospace Research Institute) where they navigate and manages satellite in the aerospace. Too bad, I'm not interested in Aerospace hence, it was boring to me. 

Again, today was tiring but at least we're going on our last overnight trip in EVERLAND!!! And time really flies and I managed to change my flight in order to leave by this week. I enjoyed Korea but I can't forget responsibilities back home. Can't wait to go home! 

~you know you miss me loads~
Michelle May

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