Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This is gonna be a post-full of pictures because EVERLAND is just awesome like that! Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I just wrote a 20,000 words post! ENJOY!! 

 Our little Cabin in the Woods! Just kidding but one cabin like this, housed 40 people!

The pictures below are from the SAFARI where you take a bus and you see the animals up close in an open enclosure. Lions, Tigers and Bears are just wandering around in large areas! This was the highlight of my EVERLAND trip because I hate theme parks and rides make me sick.

I finally tried MINI MELTS!!! It melted too fast for my liking and this little cup costs me 3,500Won!

for 1,000Won, you get a little food packet to feed these friendly birds! they will come chirping and a whole bunch will perch on your hands!

Midnight Magic was one of the highlight of the show!!! A procession of brightly lit vehicles and people was so magical!!!! 

The highlight of EVERLAND. Fireworks that BLOW YOUR MIND!!! In Malaysia or any part of the world, fireworks are released on random (Or so I thought, and the Americans and even the Colombians!) but this fireworks, they tell a story!

 In Everland, where cute, furry little wood creatures live, a magician thirsty for power, set fire to the woods to destroy the creatures.

The magician has a huge fire breathing dragon to set the whole place on fire and kill those little creatures that fight him. Note the little colored creatures on stage!

The little creatures too had a special help from a Phoenix that rises from the ashes of the forest!!! The phoenix turns purple, green, pick, turquoise and all sorts of color!!!

The phoenix rose and killed the dragon, ensuring peace in EVERLAND!!! Fireworks are then released to honour the phoenix!

A sweet ending to a perfectly magical, wonderful day! Themeparks never fail to bring out the little kid in you!!!

~you know I'm still a kid~
Michelle May


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