Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I find them soooo cute and my phase right now, is extremely light reading. A far cry from all my political/history books. I've always wanted the whole set but I'll let you guys buy it for me instead! The best place to get the box set and all the title is at Popular, 1 Utama. 

I recently rediscovered my love for Roald Dahl books whilst in Korea as I was so bored and the only English books were Roald Dahl's and I bought 3 on the spot for my long flight back to Malaysia. Now, I'm addicted to them and I want to complete my collection.  The best place to get the whole collection of all Roald Dahl titles is in Popular, 1 Utama. (Surprised me too!!!)

I've come to love the intricacies of pop up books and ever since my first pop up book, The Little prince, I can't get enough... I love collecting them!!! The first book I've ever read and introduced me to the wonderful world of books was Alice in Wonderland, a birthday gift from my grandma so, I kinda grew up loving Alice in Wonderland. Please check the availability of this book online before going to the bookstore. Most likely, you can order it from Borders. 

My favourite play is Wicked and those of you who knew me well enough knew that I flew to Singapore and watched Wicked, Front row seats!!! Let me remember and relive the moment of Wicked through this pop up book!! Not sure if this is available in Malaysia but if you love me sooo much, you try and get it for me. 

For Christmas, The BF got me Guess How Much I Love You and I absolutely adored it!!! Imagine my excitement when I found this at Borders, and my disappointment when I could no longer find it. Seriously, this is the most delightfully written story about competing rabbits, competing about who loves who more!!! You could get this from Borders. 

This is another pop up book and I loved Wicked but after Wicked, there was the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!!! Please check the availability of the book online and order it at Borders. 

I loved Edward Monkton because he's an interesting fellow. Just Kidding. I find his work a breathe of fresh air and eye opening stories with moral values and sometimes quirky storyline. I got 4 of his books already and would love these to complete my collection! Please check the availability of the books online before going to bookstores.

I would love vouchers from Sereni & Shentel because I simply love them!!!! I don't mind any vouchers but I really, really want the Ice Ice Baby Voucher and New Money Voucher. I'm not materialistic and will be happy with any vouchers... 

I love this Silver Bangle from GordonMax the moment I set eyes on it at Tangs. I know it's a "little" pricey but it's so gorgeous that I have to list it here... 

One of my favorite genres for reading are Greek and Egyptian Mythology and I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was younger and i distinctly remembered my Primary school teacher asking me, "Do you even know what an archaeologist is?" This book would really be appreciated!  Treasures of Tutankhamun by Jaromir Malek at 154.90 RM at Times Bookstore, Sunway Giza.

 Go Ask Alice is the type of book that keeps you in suspense and once you're done with it, you'll start thinking about life in general. You can get this from major bookstores. 

I love the weird and the disgusting. If a book can disgust you, you know that you're learning something and I've wanted to get this book but you may have to order it online from Kinokuniya. 

Heard this book was "as funny as hell" and since i'm a funny person, I would like this book and I think you can get it at major bookstores but, if you can't, you can get it from Times Bookstore, Sunway Giza. 

Me and my iPad would love it if you could get this Gelaskin for my birthday, you need to preorder it and it takes time to deliver so, please pre order way before my birthday! This costs about 129RM.

I love dogs and when the story is about a dog that's a matchmaker, you know I'm gonna love it!!! You can find this book at Borders. 

I love building things. I love nanoblocks but the problem with nanoblocks is, It's not challenging enough. I can build a nanoblock building within 1 hours and this LEGO Modular Building is on my wish list because it will keep me occupied for a few days at least!! But this one costs 799MYR at Toys R Us and I don't think anyone will get this for me, but I'm just gonna list it here. 

This is the other Modular Building by Lego and this is the Town Hall and there is actually many more Modular Buildings, but this 2 boxes are the ones available in Malaysia. This one is 899 MYR. But, it's HUGE!!! 

I saw this at Toys R Us and its 160 MYR and I like this just to put into my SpongeBob collection. Doubt I'll open it but I don't mind this. 
I Love Mr. Krabs and just like SpongeBob, I love the Krusty Krab, again, I can't get this one here either so, if you want to make a girl very happy, the girl would love this as a birthday present!!! 

The worst part about being in Malaysia, is the obscenely priced Lego and the insufficient stock. I would 
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE This one from Lego called Glove World. But again, can't get this in Malaysia. 
I LOVE this box as well, but I can't find it in Malaysia so, If you're over-the-sea, and you would like to make me happy on my BIRTH DAY, then, you should get this for me. :)

I saw the last 3 boxes of this at Lego Shop, Level 2, Bangsar Village II nearby Starbucks and this box cost about 310 MYR and if you're buying something for me, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this box!!! This is the Bikini Bottom Undersea Party!! 

I plan on getting this Special Edition Red Herring dress from Debenhams for my birthday dinner as my birthday dress. But at 229MYR, I really have to consider...

I fell in love with this Julien Macdonald dress at Debenhams but at a whopping 300MYR+, I don't think I should get it right? Since, I'm only going to be wearing it for my birthday. Sigh. 

I would really, really want this dress by Henry Holland at Debenhams!!! I LOVE the parrot motif since it's fun and flirty. I've been so scared to try the dress on just in case I fall in love with it even more!!! This dress is 239MYR!! 

I always get excited when it's close to my birthday, and some people, *ahem* my brother, shini kumar *ahem* needs to prepare early so, here's the list for everyone to see!!! 

Like I've mentioned before, I'm already very happy with what I have and I'm truly blessed so, these gifts are luxuries not necessities. I don't expect to get every single thing on this list and it's just a place where I list every single thing that I want... 

Anyways, many thanks in advance. Sorry that I haven't been replying or calling or SMS-ing as I'm currently writing my dissertation. Will keep in touch once I'm done in September, aight? LOL! :)

Till then, keep smiling and stay cool!!! 

Lotsa love,
Michelle May. 


-milster- said...

Are you kidding me?

Michelle May said...

why???? whats wrong????

-milster- said...

nothing lah... you like LEGO? XD

Want to go to Legoland when it is completed? :D

Michelle May said...

i dont know.... i wanna go out of malaysia... hahahaha... yes, I LOVE Legos... I just discovered modular buildings but it's too darn expensive!!!