Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hair Fall

I've always wanted long straight hair but because of genetics, my hair falls like leaves to the ground and when I'm stressful, it gets even worst. The white tiles at The BF house will be covered with my hair and he complains and attempts to pick every single strand of hair in futile. I've been chopping my hair off until I discovered these products. I don't do advertisements so I tested and this is my testimony and I've tried a lot of products that claims to cure hair fall but these are the products that worked for me! 

Did not plan on buying this but I bought some other products from Yves Rocher and they offered this Verveine Energising All Over Foaming Gel and you can use it on your hair and body. Using normal shampoos such as Rejoice, Head and Shoulders my hair will drop by the clumps, but using this, it doesn't fall AT ALL. At most, 1-3 strands, max. It contains SLS though. I normally blame my hair fall on SLS but somehow, this product is so impressive and I will buy it again. The retail price is 23MYR but I got this for 9MYR. 

This is an ALL NATURAL shampoo without SLS and it's really good for your scalp and hair. I usually buy my MooGoo products from Vitacare at Sunway Giza because I love the customer service there. They're very helpful and ever smiling. Like all SLS-free shampoo, this one doesn't lather easily and I'm not used to it, but after repetitively telling yourself that it's good for you and after using it for some time, I got used to it, Unfortunately, you need to double wash if your hair is oily. Retails at 59MYR. 

 I went to Yves Rocher for a serum that will prevent tangling and hair fall and they recommended this. The smell is very fragrant like olives and unlike styling products that will "harden" your hair, this oe, leaves it soft, manageable and straight. I'll spritz it on my comb and on my hair and it detangles my hair, leaving it soft and smooth. Very good product and it leaves your hair to stay the way it's styled. This retails fro 44MYR. Not sure if I got it at a discount or not because I have a Yves Rocher card. 

I love SUKIN products because it's natural and it works. Not many natural products actually works but, you can always count on sukin (and MooGoo!) I use this conditioner after shampooing and it promises to detangle, nourish and make your hair strong. The only problem with it, is the packaging. I find it really difficult to squeeze the product out. As usual, I buy my sukin stuff from Vitacare Pharmacy in Sunway Giza because they carry the whole range of sukin and MooGoo. Can't remember how much this was, it should be either 28MYR or 38 MYR. 

~you know you trust me~
Michelle May

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