Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Holika Holika: Bulgarian Rose

It all started when I was in Korea where I discovered Holika Hlika by accident because it was during a scorching hot summer and I was looking for a cold drink to quench my thirst and in Korea, promoters will stand outside the store giving you free stuff just to go into the store. The promoter at Holika Holika, Korea was giving out cold bottles of water and I had to go in. 

I bought 40 packs of facial masks and they gave me lots of miniature Bulgarian Rose to try. I managed to keep my skin soft and supple in Korea was all thanks to Holika Holika. Too bad I didn't manage to buy it before I left Korea and months later, I keep reminiscing about a certain rose moisturizer and I stumbled upon Holika Holika in Sunway Pyramid!!!

Was so excited and rushed home to finish my moisturizer and got The BF to buy it for me from Times Square, since he was there and I got the Bulgarian Rose Petal Skin and 12 Hour Moisturizing Cream. 
The Petal Skin is somewhat the Toner and the cream is the moisturizer. 

Everything is in Korean that it reminds me of being in Korea. I could not understand, read or write or speak Korean but I love their stuff. I've never liked Asian stuff until I was forced to spend the summer in Korea. I learnt to appreciate their food, culture and K-Pop!!! (Fantastic Baby!!!!!)

The BF and The Familia was shocked but it's all good since I came home with 2 certs in Korean culture and Spanish Language. Still no idea how I did it. Anyways, I love the Petal Skin because the smell is sooo soothing, not overwhelming but soothing and it relaxes your hectic mind. 

The cream is light, and keeps your skin hydrated and the scent reminds you of pretty pink things. I have no idea what that means but, I just cannot get enough of the scent. It's that wonderful!

~you know I rose you~
Michelle May

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