Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Online Shopping: Kensapothecary (UPDATED)

I can't help shopping online and now, since my favorite brand: Dr. Brandt is available online, I'm so damn happy and excited!!! I'm in the phase where I'm buying random stuff online just to see if they do a good job delivering it, and their customer service. I've previously bought a large undisclosed amount from Dr. Brandt and I decided to check the website out, plus, I get 20MYR just for signing up!! 

I'm so impressed with their customer service and their prompt delivery. I received my package the next working day DURING THE BUSY RAYA SEASON and I love the way it was packaged and the care it went into the package! Once you unbox the big box, you'll receive your stuff all bubble wrapped  to keep them safe and sound and snuggly! 

Unwrapping the bubble wrap, I received my Dr. Brandt book and my Laura Mercier eyelash curler. I had a problem with my order (Forgetful me, forgot to use the 20MYR voucher) and Diana (I guess was in charge of customer problems!) had to cancel my cart and called me a few times to help me place the order and we found out that the voucher is only for products and not accessories, since I bought a book and an eye lash curler, it's considered accessories. But everything ended well and they have a very happy customer in their hands! 

I have to say about this Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler that, it's THE BEST eyelash curler... EVER!!! It's so cute and compact and so easy to use that a noob like me managed to curl my "rooftop" lashes. My mom actually thought that I was using mascara when she saw me because my lashes was perfectly pointed skyward and it's all thanks to this nifty little device. i got it for 69MYR and I'll take pictures soon! 

But, this was my best purchase so far!!! I've used the traditional scissors looking ones from SaSa and Shu Uemura but none of them come close to this one. It helps that it's compact and I take it with me in my bag. Without mascara, it lasts about 5 hours (more or less!) and with mascara, it lasts the whole day. 

Second thing I bought was this book by Dr. Brandt. I use his products and I love it and this book got me on "youthful". Every woman wants to be beautiful and if you don't know how to take care of yourself, you need to read this book. I'm a lazy woman so, I really need to change my habits. I got this fro 89MYR but this is the last copy. (Sorry!) Anyways I enjoyed this book and my purchases. 

Here's the screenshot of kensapothecary and do drop by for a visit and to browse their wide array of delicious, beautiful offerings. However, the only thing I don't like about the website would be, there is no "VIEW ALL" button. To view all the products, you need to go page by page and I'm the type that likes to see all the products in one page. But, you can be assured that you can shop at ease and at the comfort of your personal surroundings here. Do drop by, sign up and you automatically get 20MYR for your first product purchase!!! 

Kensapothecary was having a promotion online that, with a purchase of Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream (179MYR), you'll get 2 FREE deluxe Laura Mercier products which is a dusting powder and a mini fan brush. I love the BB Cream because it's a one shade fits all and it goes on oh so smoothly. 

I read some online magazines and I found out that Dr. Sebagh has one of the most potent acne/pimple gel. Unfortunately, it works great but with a hefty price tag of 349MYR. One thing about buying from kenspothecary is the free samples that the give out. They're so generous with their samples! I had to buy this because my skin was breaking out so terribly. 

~you know you listen to me~
Michelle May

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