Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As I'm writing this, I'm super duper stoked that I'm going to Singapore to compete in the Pambassador Semi Finals alongside 23 other contestants from all over Asia Pacific!!! How exciting is that??? 

So, I packed my bags and off to Singapore I went! The minute I landed, I met Alicia (My Liaison Officer) and The group of Taiwanese!!!! Who arrived more or less the same time as I did! 

I love them so much, cause they're my first friends and they're super friendly!!! L-R: Yi Ching, Aiko, Mary and Lei Lei... 

When I first broke the news to The BF, he was like, you better not come home crying, keep your eyes on the prize and your head on the game. He told me that i wasn't there to make friends, it's a competition. 

Very good advice until I met the Taiwanese and my roomie! Everyone was so nice and genuine that to me, it doesn't feel like a competition. 

Me and my roomie Lisa (Singapore!) I think I'll miss her cause she's the sweetest girl and so damn hilarious!!! She keeps me happy and takes me shopping! :)

Once they picked us up from Changi, we were chauffeured to the studio where we shot our Pambassador Video !!!!

We made it to our beds at about 11PM after all sorts of briefing and we just fell asleep. Guess all of us were tired. 

Till tomorrow!

~you know I love pandas~
Michelle May

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