Wednesday, October 17, 2012


After breakfast and a round of interviews with the judges, we made our way to Clifford Pier (The most beautiful place!) to attempt the Pandamaze!!! While waiting for our turns, we got to mingle with the media and guess what? We got to meet Juliet Simms!!!! 

You can view the majestic Marina Bay from the Pier... and the view was breath takingly lovely!! 

 The contestants from Singapore!!! Top Row L-R: Susan, Wai Ling Sharan and Samuel. Bottom Row L-R: Li Lin, Yi Leen, Fan Di, Ellene and Lisa.

The contestants from Hong Kong L-R: Isabelle, Carmen, Konnie and Janice!

Contestants from Japan L-R: Yuko, Yu and Naoya! 

And from Malaysia, IT'S ME!!!!! 

From Thailand, It's Lenny! 

 From South Korea, It's Sun Woo (One of the sweetest and cutest lady I know!)

This is the Pandamaza where you can get out of the maze by answering True or False questions about pandas! 

This was how I look after attempting the Pandamaze! Was disappointed because I should have done better and should have been more focused! 

Media taking pictures of each one of us after the Pandamaze! 

I got so happy when I saw the Pandas!!!! I had to get some FREE HUGS!!! 

Nothing beats an awesome group picture!!! Cause we're awesome like that!!! 

After that we made our way to our very own Panda Rock Out Concert/Fashion Show!!!! *screams* I really loved Cher Lloyd and when I saw her headlining, I almost fainted!!!

The people that queued up just to get into the event! 

We got our own VIP entrance, so, no need to queue!!! I loved the Wavehouse concept... There's an indoor restaurant and an outdoor bar, so damn cool and the best part? The outdoor part connects to a beach!!!

We even have our own VIP section (Like I said, we're all awesome like that!) and the stage is set, we're waiting!!!

CHER LLOYD!!!! We then, danced the night away with DJ Enferno and DJ Daniel Yeo!!! 

It was such a tiring but fun filled day!!! I loved the party and I danced like there's no tomorrow... But too bad, tomorrow is gonna be a long and hectic day! 

Till tomorrow,

~you know I love pandas~
Michelle May

P.S: Certain photos belong to Chengdu Pambassador. 

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