Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Enjoying a tram ride with The Singaporeans! Ellene, Lisa and Sharan!

Fawning around the one out of 2 guys in the competition (LOL!) With Susan, Sam and Lisa! 

Comparing Tee Shirts with Lisa and Sun Woo! Sun Woo is an amazing artist! She drew a Gangnam style Panda on the shirt! 

We went to Sentosa for the Amazing Race part of the Quests and I'm extremely tired walking the whole island. I can't say much because everything is so fast paced that I can't remember the details exactly. 

After lunch, we went to Jalan Bahtera Adventure Camp for more hard core action! 

I'm being hooked up to a safety harness and I'm supposed to climb all the way...UP??? 

Me at my breaking point! I could no longer go up nor could I come down. I burst to tears over hear and they were asking me to let go. I'm so afraid of heights and I surprised myself by even climbing all the way there!

I finally ended the Quest and I'm lucky to be alive (Drama queen!) and I love nature so much, I decided to wear it all over me! Eau de nature...

My muscles are sore, I feel so dirty (Not in a sexy way!) and I feel so tired. I'm not a hard core person but this is too much! On another note, here's my advert for one of the sponsors; FIJI Artesian Water!!!

Apparently, FIJI water is pure and very healthy because the "water is filtered through volcanic rock and gathers in an ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth!" Never heard of such water but it tastes really, really good. It's even better than your average mineral water! Try it!

Till tomorrow!

~you know I love pandas~
Michelle May

PS: Some pictures belong to Chengdu Pambassador.

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