Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today, we were grouped into 6 teams so that we can cooperate with each other! I'm in Team 4 with Konnie (HK), Myta (Indonesia), Yi Leen (Singapore)

Our Team Cheer!!! L-O-V-E.... 


Our Team shot! 

First pose: The Jump pose! We're supposed to jump so that the camera captures our faces!

Second pose: The still pose where we have to stand still for the camera to capture our faces!

Winner announcement!!! Eagerly awaiting the results! 

Team 4 girls!!! Are we cool or what?

Our little sandwich board! We're going to Orchard Rd. to collect signatures!!! 

Another group shot, I told ya, we're awesome like that!!! I think everyone should be tired by now... 

Team 4 with the High Achiever's Trainers Dominic and Joanne.

Team 4 with our team cheer!!! GO TEAM 4!!!!

This is me with Dominic and Joanne!

Today has again been a long, hectic and tiring day but we're going back to the hotel to clean up, put on our best clothes and attend the Awards Ceremony where we'll find out who will be the Lucky 4 to go to the Panda Base in Chengdu, China!!!

Till my next post!

~you know I love pandas~
Michelle May

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