Friday, October 05, 2012

Lovely Birthday Presents... So Far!

Those who knows me and my family knows that we celebrate my birthday according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, it's our tradition because my grandparents used to live in Gombak and it was tradition that I celebrate my birthday there where Grandma made it a HUGE deal, she'll cook ALL, and I mean, ALL my favourite food!

I love Grandma's Hokkien Mee (THE BEST!!!), Fried Chicken, Red Eggs, Some Broiled Tuber all because I was the first grand child. Another reason was, to have some distance between my birthday and The Brother because if I were to celebrate my day of birth, we'll be celebrating my birthday on the 8th and my brother's on the 12th. 

My parents are pragmatic that way. Remember my Birthday Wish List? Well, I pretty much got everything I wanted and MORE!! 

 At exactly 12AM, The Brother and Karin came downstairs (I was hugging and monitoring my Pambassador entry!) and surprised me with gifts!! Lots of it!! 

These whole Wimpy Kid was from Karin and I LOVE IT!!! She's so great and I just simply adore her!!! I love her little note which I keep in my Moleskine cause I'm sentimental like that! 

These were from my brother which I thought it's a big deal for him to actually shop for my gift! My brother isn't the shopping type and for him to go into a bookstore and ask me what I want, it's a big deal and I'm so touched! 

These books were from Dr. Eunice and since we're so close, we just went to Popular and she let me pick my books! At least my Roald Dahl Collection is complete (Sans the 2 books left!)

Mommy was the best as she got my this LIMITED EDITION Kenzo watch which was breathe-takingly gorgeous!!! I LOVE, LOVE it!!! 

And the watch came with a free Nina Ricci bracelet! I don't wear it but It's pretty and it's sweet and I love it just the same! 

Another great present was from Mingy!!!! I'm so excited to receive an ASOS voucher and imagine the things I could buy!!! I might need a new winter coat if I do get picked to go to Chengdu for the finals and the voucher would come in handy! 

I'm so blessed and I thank God for so many people blessing me with gifts, you guys really know how to make a girl feel soooo loved!!!! For so many great ass presents, It must mean that I'm doing something right in my life and not pissing people off... Can't wait for more gifts that are coming my way! 

The BF asked me, "What do you want for your birthday?, I can't seem to think of anything I could buy for you since I got you the iPad last year... So, tell me, what do you want?"

Me: "Truly dear, I don't know. the Lord has blessed me abundantly and I'm so thankful and grateful and happy, there's nothing else that I could possibly want...So, just surprise me."

The BF: "Wow! Other women wouldn't think like that! They want more and more and more.... That's why I love you."

Me: "You're so blessed to have me. But I want a Degu!"

Eversince then, I keep telling him to get me random stuff.... But, I really want a Degu! 


~you know I'm blessed~
Michelle May

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