Saturday, October 06, 2012

My Recent Haul

I can never start a new year without my Moleskine! I love my Moleskine and I cannot live without it! I write down my plans, my feelings, what I bought, What I wanna buy, etc... Since I have such a short memory span, My Moleskine keeps my life in order...

I love products from Yves Rocher!!! It's not very expensive but it works wonders! If you've read my previous post on Hair Fall, you'll know how much I love Yves Rocher! 

One of the best products I love is the Body Exfoliant. You can really feel the difference after scrubbing your body with this! It keeps your skin smooth and fresh.... 

Since my Verveine was discontinued, I discovered a new range for oily hair. It's as effective as the Verveine because my hair doesn't fall and it works wonder...

I love the Olive range because the smell is subtle and this refreshing gel is so lovely, It lathers easily and it washes off easily, and with Yves Rocher, you are guaranteed an eco friendly, high quality product. I use this after exfoliating and the smell lingers. To make the smell last longer, use the Olive lotion which is Dr. Eunice's favourite product because it keeps your skin, fresh, smooth and silky! 

No, you know my beauty secrets and next time, maybe I'll write about the product I use on a daily basis and you can get a sneak peek at my beauty cabinet! 

Till the next time,

~you know I love Yves Rocher~
Michelle May

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