Friday, November 30, 2012

Birthday Week!

I just wanted a simple birthday with the one I love and we decided to go to The Hills at Damansara Heights. It was a disappointment because the menu was very limited as I don't eat lamb or beef and they didn't have my watermelon thingy! ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! Was so disappointed! 

The worst thing was, The BF asked for his lamb to be VERY WELL DONE but after sending the dish back to the kitchen twice, blood still came pouring out of the meat. I'm assuming that the place is just for drinks because the food was a disappointment. 

The Love of my Life insisted on getting me, my favourite Mascarpone Cheese from Australia Bakery at SEA Park. If you're wondering what O.O means, it means my One and Only. 

He really changed my life this night and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you... I still haven't ironed out the logistics of it but will announce once everything is settled. Till then! 

This is my lovely, lovely, dear friend from Korea that was conveniently in town on my birthday!!! I love you Kathy!!!! Don't you love my Henry Holland parrot dress?

One thing that I absolutely love about the LOML is that he always tries to make things memorable for me. He always wants me to have the best things. I remembered last year's birthday present where he got me an iPad 2 because he wanted me to be the coolest kid in Uni. 

I admit that I'm spoiled rotten by him and my mom. I kept thinking about what he could possibly get me that could top the iPad 2 last year and he still managed to surprise me time after time. Put it this way, I'm wearing 15,000 MYR on my body! 

We love each other very, very much and he makes me feel that all the other ex's has never really loved me. I was fucking stupid before but at least I'm smarter now. I found a real man not pussies that I used to date. None of them could ever measure up to LOML. They're not even half of the man he is... 

LOML is so supportive of me and most importantly, he believes in me when I doubted myself. He's always there to help me and I can count on him to go the extra mile for me. When I went to SG, he spent 80MYR on a taxi to KLIA just to spend 15 minutes with me and to take pictures of me. I cried. 

Anyways, till the next post.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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