Thursday, November 29, 2012

mphonline, Fifty Shades Review

I love shopping for books online because it's reasonably cheaper. So far, Malaysia bookstores that offers online services like Kinokuniya hasn't disappointed me yet. In fact, I'm extremely surprised at their prompt services and delivery. My books always reach me in less than a week tops!

mphonline on the other hand, took more than 2 weeks to deliver my items which were in stock. I had a hiccup with Kinokuniya once because a particular book wasn't in stock and it still took them less than 2 weeks to deliver it to me. But mphonline, somehow managed to take more than 2 weeks and I was already giving up on ever receiving the books when it actually arrived. 

Extremely bad service even though the books were cheaper. Was peer pressured into buying the 50 Shades Trilogy because EVERYONE was reading it but I wasn't willing to fork out a huge amount of money for the books because it's not intellectual reading materials. Oh, I got a discount on Zafon's Prisoner of Heaven hence, the purchase and since I enjoyed the Shadow of the Wind immensely, POH should be good!

50 Shades: I think people who actually enjoyes the book are people who lacks sexual activities in their lives. the book is written in an amateur manner with an overdose of sexual violence. It glamorizes abusive and possessive men in the name of love. According to the book, if  your lover doesn't spank, whip or torture you, he doesn't love you. Has modern romance lost its meaning? This book is a mockery of finer literature like Romeo and Juliet or works by the Bronte sisters. 

I'm so disgusted at the amount of unnatural sex that they're having that I skip most sex parts to get to the storyline. The sex scenes overwhelms the mediocre story line and it makes you wonder if it's even natural for a women to get wet 25-30 times a day and a man to have an erection almost 50 times a day. 

I would only read it to say that it's over rated and its so unintellectual that it makes Gempak magazine seem so much more intellectual. I shudder at the thought of erotic literature nowadays that these young girls will be reading. It is the end of Mills & Boons and the beginning of a morally corrupt society.

I seriously felt as if my brain cells were committing suicide after reading such books. Anyways, back to my intellectual books. Oh, Political books, I shall not desert you ever again. 

Prisoner of Heaven: I wish I started on this book but I've yet to read this. But I'm sure as hell going to enjoy Zafon's latest work!!

~you know I'm smart~
Michelle May

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