Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012: RECAP

This year has been an amazing year. After 2 years being with the Man of My Dreams, he FINALLY proposed on my birthday!!!! Of course, I said "YES"!!!! I wear his engagement ring on my finger and I cannot wait to marry him. God really do give you someone who will love and cherish you and treat you right. I count my blessings every day and EVERYDAY I thank God.

I think I'm still considered a Pambassador or a Panda Ambassador everyday of my life. I'm so blessed to have made many friends from all over the world in Singapore and it was an experience I would never forget. I enjoyed being a VIP at Sentosa while rocking out to Juliet Simms and Cher Lloyd. Its good to see that everyone still keeps in touch with everyone else. So blessed to have met and got to know each and every single one of them!

I was truly blessed to be able to attend Summer School in Daejeon, Korea thanks to the school of Politics, History and International Relations in University of Nottingham. I'm truly grateful for being able to spend my summer learning about Korean culture, architecture, economics, places of interest and also about my many friends from USA and Colombia that we still keep in touch till now. It was truly and experience I will never forget but I had to cut my studies short and come home to Malaysia because Padrekins decided to go for a major surgery on his leg hence, I cut Korea short and came home. 

One of the best decision I made in my life is doing my Masters in University of Nottingham. It has given me so many experiences during my short stint at the Uni. This picture was a promotional advertisement to promote Malaysia as a place for summer school. I was involved in lots of shooting and video for advertorials for the Uni and I loved my job. It's even more fulfilling when they use your pictures on their websites, etc...

This year, I discovered the fascinating sport of archery. It may seem easy but like every sport, it will only get better with lots and lots of practice. I hope that I can buy my own bow next year and it is a very strenuous sport because you need lots of upper body strength and a focused, clear mind. I could say that I'm not bad. I could shoot an arrow into the bulls eye. 

This year hasn't been a good year for Per Per. He has Malassezia on his ears which resulted in aural hematoma and after a long dose of Clavamox (antibiotics), it finally subsided but his ears are more crinkly. Prior to this, he had a maggot wound near his anus and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. He's a very old dog and he'll turn 12 in 2013 and as he grows older, I grow sadder every time I look at him.

So, for you dog owners out there, life is unfair. You spend 15 years taking care and being attached to your dog but once they see that your life is in order, they'll leave you. I make it a point to tell Per Per that I love him very, very much EVERYDAY, I'm not sure if he understands but he wags his tail in happiness every time he hears I Love You. 

This year has been truly awesome and I will miss 2012 when it ends (Not end of the world, end!) But on the other hand, I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for me. I know 2013 is going to be a great year because I'll be graduating in February!!!!! That is the highlight of 2013 and if I do get mary, it will be a highlight too... Looking back, I really dodge a bullet back then, I made all the stupid mistakes, fell in love with assholes and screwed my life up. 

A little sneak peek at 2013, The Fiance and Madrekins will be attending my graduation!!!!! 

~you know I'm smart~
Michelle May

Thursday, December 27, 2012

On The 3rd Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me...

my Christmas presents under our little tree!!! 

I've been lusting after the tuxedo shorts and the sheer blouse and I've been telling it to anyone that would listen!

So, he got me this pretty sheer top that I want, in BLACK cause there's none in cream. I loved it!

I super heart this tuxedo shorts from the Kardashian Kollection!!! It's super comfy and it's so fitting. 

I'm so terribly blessed and I cannot tell you how much I love the Kardashian Kollection from Dorothy Perkins. I would buy more if they had more choices, I loved the dress and the jeans but I can't even squeeze into a size 18!!! The cut was just too tiny!!!

Anyways, I'm so happy that I have so many pretty clothes!!! 

hope you had a great Christmas!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On The 2nd Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me...

Image from

Image from

One thing I hated about the Blackberry was, it's technically useless without data because without a data plan, you can't function the wi-fi services rendering your BB useless. I didn't know such thing until I terminated my data plan because of numerous arguments with Maxis and the phone was technically useless. 

Been complaining about it for months till the LOML couldn't take it anymore and got me my first Android!!! It wasn't what I had in mind, I was eyeing the Samsung S2/S3 and the Sony Ion but I love it when I'm proven wrong. 

I simply adore and love my HTC One X because of its fluid and simple design. Another bonus would be the array of apps in the Play Store. I was actually contemplating about the Nokia Lumia but it doesn't have Instagram. 

The camera is stunning and the display is just flawless. All the "dull" pictures on my BB seems like they came to life on my HTC. My life is right again, I'm on track with my daily bible readings, and go through my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram seamlessly. I can't imagine life without my PA, HTC.

Truly, if you're looking for a truly smartphone and you don't want to be carrying iPhones and Samsungs like any Tom, Dick or Harry, try the HTC. You'll love it once you discover it. One of the reasons why I didn't get a Samsung was because everyone from those Mat Rempits have it, to the budak sekolah, they all have it. 

Even though im an Apple person (MacBookAir and iPad) I think the iPhone 5 is unoriginal, uninspired  and truly for the noobs. It has nothing new to offer, have you seen their ads? talking about gravity, ear phones , etc... Whatever that is being offered in the iPhone5, you can find it in every other iPhone. Sad to say that its getting pathetic, repetitive and downright boring. I'm not even looking forward to iPhone5S or iPhone 6...

You want to see a great inspired and original phone advert? Check this advert by Sony Xperia Z. You won't be disappointed. 

~you know me techie~
Michelle May

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On The 1st Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me

The LOML surprised me with 99 stalks of roses.... the most beautiful fresh roses anyone can get and let me tell you that 99 flowers, is as heavy as a 1 year old child!!! It's such a sad case when it will finally wilt and die in a few days/weeks.

No one has ever given me roses before but with him, everything is a first. He got me my first Droid (Another post!), my first Michael Kors, My first iPad, my first diamond, etc...

He's the first that I've ever loved and wanted to have his babies... Hahahahaa. Well, he's the first that I introduced to my parents and they're OK, I guess. Not like I've had many guys before him, so, he's very special to me. 

I think I'm very special to him because he treats me like a princess and he loves me dearly too. Anyways, do enjoy these lovely, lovely pictures shot by my dear sis Karin because my BB camera is just too sucky!

I'm indeed blessed. Not many people has received roses, let alone 99 stalks of roses before.... God bless us. 

~you know you adore me~
Michelle May

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