Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Swedish Embassy, Santa Lucia Celebration

I had the honor to be invited to the Santa Lucia event held at Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and was organized by the Swedish Embassy and the Swedish Institute. 

It was such a pleasurable, memorable and whimsical event because how many Malaysians are able to experience Santa Lucia here in Malaysia??? 

Prior to working with the Swedish Embassy, I thought Sweden was really oh-so-far and filled with snow. One of my Swedish University friend told me that the population of his town was 5000 and he would show me Google street views of his town and he taught me more or less about Sweden and H&M and IKEA taught me about Swedish textiles, culture and food. 

Sweden has never been one of my favourite countries because I can't stand stinky, fermented fish and the frozen cold weather. Once my work with the Swedish Embassy was done, Sweden became one of my favourite countries and I really do not mind staying in Sweden. 

The fermented, stinky fish that I was referring to, was called Silltarik (Herring plate) and I especially loved their smorgasbord!!! Silltarik is an acquired taste and once you give it a try, it's taste is pleasantly delicious.... I'm actually craving for it right now! 

Sweden is filled with lovely people and their hospitality is incomparable!!! Santa Lucia is such a magical event and I felt as if I was really celebrating Santa Lucia in Sweden! 

The Best Christmas Ever 2013

Are you sure that you "Don't care about the presents under the Christmas tree?"

Can I tempt you with some Turkey and some Swedish Ham?

Christmas is not complete without some toffee and chocolates!

The sweetest girl and her BF! HAHAHA! Merry Christmas from Darrell & Karin

Our many attempts at a family picture! Just laughing ourselves silly!

Me and my sister from another mother!


The Fiance is THE BEST!!!! Nothing screams CHRISTMAS than Chanel, all wrapped up!!!

I also got chocolates/stoking stuffers which were all amazeballs!!!

Also, my collection for Shrek and Madagascar is finally complete!

The Fiance never fails to give me a card on every occasion!!! 

 My souvenir from Japan from The Sister!!!

 My favourite place in the world, just because its so structured and everything is so organized! This year, you get a box with the purchase of 2 shirts!

This Christmas the the first Christmas with The Familia. It was nerve wrecking and oh-so-hectic! The Fiance and I were at each other's throat every minute and its normally followed by a screaming fest between us. 

I was beginning to hate Christmas because we spent too much, we were too hospitable, and I was tired and cranky most of the time and most importantly, everytime The Fiance opens his mouth, I feel as if he wants to pick a fight with me. 

At the end of the day, when everyone was just sitting at the dinner table, gorging themselves with food and after that, everyone was just chilling in the living room and just relaxing with each other's company, only then, did I realise the true meaning of Christmas. 

Christmas isn't about the presents, its isn't about the turkey or the wine or the Moet, it's about, being surrounded by your loved ones. People that you love and people that loves you unconditionally. I'm feel truly blessed to be able to spend Christmas with my family and my fiance. I really felt the LOVE!!!!

So, how was your Christmas? Do tag me to your blog!

Till the next time!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why You Should Date A Teacher.

I read e Harmony 15 Reasons To Date A Teacher with so much glee because, I call myself a lecturer but The Fiance calls me a teacher. Teaching is a noble profession and its a gift from God. Anyone can teach but, not many are able to touch lives. 

Here are 15 reasons to date a teacher:
1. They’re conversationalists. All day long, teachers work to connect with students of all kinds of backgrounds, intellectual levels and work ethics.
2. Teachers can charm parents. They meet with them a lot, and know how to put people at ease. Date a teacher, and you won’t have to stress about the inevitable meet-the-parents dinner.
3. Teachers adapt quickly, whether it’s welcoming new students or embracing new curriculum. Change doesn’t faze them.
4. Teachers can explain the same thing in a variety of ways until a point is made effectively, making sure that miscommunication doesn’t hurt the relationship.
5. Teachers are patient. At least the good ones are.
6. Teachers are great with kids. So if you’re looking for the parent of your future kids, a teacher is a great candidate.
7. Teachers are up on the latest lingo and pop-culture trends. If you want to know what’s hip with kids these days, your date will know.
8. They have the summer off — and all holidays.
9. Coming up with fun, creative solutions to problems is part of their day job. Teachers make problem-solving fun!
10. Teachers have great — and predictable — hours. You can plan consistent date nights with ease.
11. If you had a crush on a teacher as a youngster, now’s your chance to finally date one — legally.
12. Date a teacher and you’ll be dating someone who is shaping future leaders. Yes, your date is super-influential.
13. Teachers don’t tolerate bullying or intolerance. They stand up for those around them.
14. Everyone has a favorite teacher they look back on fondly. You’re likely dating someone’s hero.
15. You’re a respectful, mature adult. At the end of a crazy week, your presence will be a welcome break from adolescent angst.
SOURCE: e Harmony

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Empire Damansara

The Fiance and I live super close to Empire Damansara, in fact, we live right beside it, but, since it's relatively new, we never thought about visiting there until Texas Chicken opened. I loved the architecture and the little details like the wrought iron stairs, the umbrella street and etc. 

The whole vibe is very Western, or rather, European because the walls are very cobblestone like with a foreign influence. By the way, I'm trying something new where I try to see art everywhere I go. It is a gorgeous place and I really loved the art that they use. 

Anyways, I'm gonna quit blabbering and let my pictures do the talking. 

Till the next time!

~you know I art me~
Michelle May