Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Baaack!!!

This is not an old picture, in fact, this picture was taken last week. The only thing that changed here is me. I'm fatter now! hahahaha.... Yes, I'm back at the clinic. Everyone is still the same and the picture looks like it was taken 3 years ago... 

Today, we're celebrating Kak Roz's birthday! Delicious fruit flan from RT Cake House. 

All the doctors are still here and still the same... Gosh! How I missed them!

Whilst waiting for a permanent job, I'm working part time at the clinic because I just love dealing with animals. I also wanted to be closer to Baby (British Shorthair) but since its boarding season, he's been moved to Serdang. I miss him terribly. 

Will be blogging on and off because my working hours are just hectic. bUT, IT'S GOOD TO BE BAAACK!

Till the next post!

~you know you missed me~
Michelle May

Shopping, What I bought?

I don't usually shop at Victoria's Secret in Malaysia, I prefer to get my fix from Singapore. But I made an exception this time because some items were on sale, think 30%-70%... I got this Passport Holder at 50% off because the material is canvas and not leather. (I don't eat red meat nor use their skin!) Also got a bottle of sheer love to spray all over my room and bedspread.

Oh, I'll be graduating on the 23rd of February and I want to fit into my skin tight black lace dress. I'm on a diet and slimming treatments but you can always use the extra help from a corset. Also, while browsing at MPH, I stumble over this book Oogy. Such a sad story about a Dogo+Pitbull puppy that got its face torn off by a fighting dog because it was used as a bait. Too sad. 

Remember my fav book? Guess How Much I Love You that The Fiance got for me, well, they have a new book called Guess How Much I Love You... In The Winter! So, I HAD to buy it together with Quentin Blake's Illustrated copy of A Christmas Carol. If you've read Roald Dahl's books, you'll learn to love Quentin Blake as much as Roald Dahl because they're like peanut butter and jelly. Quentin Blake brings Roald Dahl's stories to life with his drawings and now, he brought Charles Dicken's classic to life.

OK, Let me tell you a story on why Guess How Much I Love You is so close to my heart. You see, every couple has "their" song but we (Me and The Fiance) has "our" story which is Guess How Much I Love You. I know that the story is for parents and their kids but we sortta adopted it's meaning to us. In the story, the Big Nutbrown Hare loves the Little Nutbrown Hare no matter how what the Little Nutbrown Hare compares it's love to. So, The Fiance is the Big Nutbrown Hare and I'm the Little Nutbrown Hare. In the original book, the last page was, The Little Nutbrown Hare says that "I love you all the way to the moon" The Big Nutbrown Hare replies, "Wow! That's far, That's very far" and when the Little Nutbrown Hare falls asleep, The Big Nutbrown Hare whispers, "I love all the way to the moon, and back!" Which is what The Fiance replies me every night after I tell him that I love him all the way to the moon. 

That's all for now. 

~you know we love each other~
Michelle May

The Pets

I spend 250MYR every month for their maintenance and it doesn't include the dog's medicated shampoo, the guinea pig's vitamins, mite prevention, shampoo, hay, and the dogs medications. Who said having pets were easy and cheap?

He's such a poser and he loves sneaking into the house. He'll normally make himself comfortable wherever I am. If I'm doing my work at the dining table, he'll be lying down under my chair and since I was watching TV, he's lying around the living room. He's an old dog but very lucky that we love him in sickness and in health!

This is the big daddy of the Guinea Pig clan! He's Patrick Starr, my first Guinea Pig. 

This is his shy and curious wife, Emmylou named after the song Sweet Emmylou by Catherine Britt.

This is their little offspring Easter Bunny but he's not a bunny. 

I was just bored and decided to capture their image. Seeing them makes me feel so happy!

~you know I love them~
Michelle May

Saturday, January 19, 2013

University of Nottingham

It's so nice to be on print for once and it's still so surreal because I used to be so self conscious back in KDU Diploma time. I've never once imagined myself to be on a website. I used to think myself as fat and ugly but to see myself on University Of Nottingham Malaysia website, it's like, wow!!!

It's so crazy and people are staring at me and telling me that I'm on the uni's website. I still laugh and believe it or not, I'm the last person to know!! This is huge, I used to be popular in KDU but never on print media before! Stoked!!!

Anyways, this is so cool as 4 of my pictures are online!!!

~you know you saw me~
Michelle May