Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Baaack!!!

This is not an old picture, in fact, this picture was taken last week. The only thing that changed here is me. I'm fatter now! hahahaha.... Yes, I'm back at the clinic. Everyone is still the same and the picture looks like it was taken 3 years ago... 

Today, we're celebrating Kak Roz's birthday! Delicious fruit flan from RT Cake House. 

All the doctors are still here and still the same... Gosh! How I missed them!

Whilst waiting for a permanent job, I'm working part time at the clinic because I just love dealing with animals. I also wanted to be closer to Baby (British Shorthair) but since its boarding season, he's been moved to Serdang. I miss him terribly. 

Will be blogging on and off because my working hours are just hectic. bUT, IT'S GOOD TO BE BAAACK!

Till the next post!

~you know you missed me~
Michelle May

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