Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On The 1st Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me

The LOML surprised me with 99 stalks of roses.... the most beautiful fresh roses anyone can get and let me tell you that 99 flowers, is as heavy as a 1 year old child!!! It's such a sad case when it will finally wilt and die in a few days/weeks.

No one has ever given me roses before but with him, everything is a first. He got me my first Droid (Another post!), my first Michael Kors, My first iPad, my first diamond, etc...

He's the first that I've ever loved and wanted to have his babies... Hahahahaa. Well, he's the first that I introduced to my parents and they're OK, I guess. Not like I've had many guys before him, so, he's very special to me. 

I think I'm very special to him because he treats me like a princess and he loves me dearly too. Anyways, do enjoy these lovely, lovely pictures shot by my dear sis Karin because my BB camera is just too sucky!

I'm indeed blessed. Not many people has received roses, let alone 99 stalks of roses before.... God bless us. 

~you know you adore me~
Michelle May

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