Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Pets

I spend 250MYR every month for their maintenance and it doesn't include the dog's medicated shampoo, the guinea pig's vitamins, mite prevention, shampoo, hay, and the dogs medications. Who said having pets were easy and cheap?

He's such a poser and he loves sneaking into the house. He'll normally make himself comfortable wherever I am. If I'm doing my work at the dining table, he'll be lying down under my chair and since I was watching TV, he's lying around the living room. He's an old dog but very lucky that we love him in sickness and in health!

This is the big daddy of the Guinea Pig clan! He's Patrick Starr, my first Guinea Pig. 

This is his shy and curious wife, Emmylou named after the song Sweet Emmylou by Catherine Britt.

This is their little offspring Easter Bunny but he's not a bunny. 

I was just bored and decided to capture their image. Seeing them makes me feel so happy!

~you know I love them~
Michelle May

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