Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Lilac Box: Blind Date In A Box!

Let me start off the post by saying that I really appreciated what The Lilac Box did for me. Customer service was top notch. You see, I procrastinate, a lot, and when they launched the box, it was sold out within 3 days!!! 

I felt so disappointed because, you see, we Malaysians are deprived of beauty boxes and the concept is relatively new. Thank God, they managed to secure 50 more boxes and I finally got mine!

I literally tore the courier plastic apart and the box. I didn't even bother using my letter opener. I'm stuck up like that, I need to use a letter opener like civilized people but in this case, I couldn't wait. 

The most beautiful sight is the box and the lilac ribbon. I love presents and surprises. I'm childish that way. I'm the type that gets all excited and giddy over the packaging and will somehow be disappointed with the contents. 

 What can I say about the gossamer like paper, it's so classy and it shows that you've put some thought into your gift. It's like, paying attention to the little details. 

Beautifully wrapped little box of surprises with a personal note. Really love the attention to details. 

Indeed, I wasn't disappointed. For 35MYR, I got to try a couple of things that I wouldn't normally get, when I'm out shopping. I wouldn't even consider getting most products. I've heard of them but somehow, never got out of my comfort zone. 

I loved, loved this Roberto Cavalli Body Lotion. I never even knew that RC sold something like this. The scent is sublime and refreshing and definitely classy. I loved this so much. It goes on silky and it absorbs easily. This would be my favourite product by far. 

I'm not much of a hair person, I don't pay attention to my hair but since my hair is long and it's oily, I've been experimenting with a few shampoos from Yves Rocher, Moo Cow and recently, SebaMed. Somehow, SebaMed is my magic potion. It solved my oily scalp problem and I didn't quite like the shampoo. I don't mind the conditioner though, since my hair could use some TLC. 

I do have to say that I simply adore these Decleor products. I'm currently using Thalgo, AESOP and Holika Holika facial products but these babies are my alternatives. What I love about them is the scent, the light, lingering, floral, calming scent that helps me to sleep better at night. I wouldn't mind trying this brand as well. 

This is a miniature nail polish from MaxFactor. I didn't like the colour as I'm more of a colorful person when it comes to nail polish. I love bright colors and weird colours. I didn't mind trying the polish because most of my polishes are China Glaze and O.P.I and I've heard of MaxFactor. For one, I love the brush, It's even better than most China Glaze and O.P.I brushes. Secondly, it dries in an instant. It's easily spreadable. I actually like it but not the colour. Might consider getting other colors from this range in the future.

Even though I only got 4 packs, I'm considering getting this product in the future when my make up product finishes. The Burberry Fresh Glow gives a nice, subtle finish to my make up routine. It's dewy and after a tiring week, you can just use this product to achieve instant freshness and glow. Definitely my top favourite. Currently, I'm using a mix of L'Oreal, Benefit and Dr. Brandt products. Would definitely get this when I'm done with my make up. Too bad, I have to go to KLCC to find out about the price.

Lastly, I got vouchers!!! Like I mentioned earlier, not a fan of hair products so, the Keratese one would be wasted. Let me tell you a little secret, my hair is beautiful the way it is because for 25 years, I've never treated, coloured, permed, or did anything to my hair. The colour of my hair is natural and to keep it healthy, I get my ends trimmed every 6 months. I've went to a few hair care centres and they can testify that I don't have to do anything with my hair.

On the other hand, I will definitely be going for the Decleor one because I'm a staunch believer of facial. I go for facials once every month at Thalgo and I can say that it really shows on your face if you take care of yourself. 

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my first beauty box. I discovered many new products that i didn't even know existed. can't wait for the second box! 

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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