Sunday, March 10, 2013

BALI 2013: Day One - Checking In & SEGARA

The minute we're done at Ngurah Rai Denpasar airport, we were greeted with many, many fearsome statues. Statues of god waving spears at the skies while riding on sea waves with oogly eyed fishes are relatively common sights. In fact, the more ferocious looking the gods are, the better!

After checking and putting our luggages in our hotel (Bali has many surprisingly nice hotels) called Mutiara Bali in a more quite part of Bali. Kuta is the hotspot while we were at Kuta. A more upscale and expensive (actually, the whole of Bali is expensive!) We looked like foreigners peering into the drains. Why? Because there were tiny crabs and assortment of sea creatures in the drain! 

 I actually loved the many alleys behind the hotels and everywhere because it was so rustic and it reminded me of Korea. And yes, that guy is my brother. We technically trekked most of Kuta by foot.

This is a picture of my and Madrekins by the pool of our hotel. We love boutique hotels, they're so cosy and very well kept. 

This is us, girls at Discovery Mall in Kuta. Branded things like Marks & Spencer, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Pandora, Roxy, FCUK, Rip Curl are very expensive compared to Malaysia. I couldn't afford anything, whereby, I could at least afford most things in Malaysia!

This was the view at Discovery Mall when we wanted to look for food. Bali is so Westernized that you can find Burritos, Tacos, American Diners, Italian Food and all sorts of Western food. But I'm a purist, When I was in Korea for summer school, I only ate Korean food. I didn't fly to Bali to have pizza or chicken chop, I want authentic Balinese food. The closest we ever got to Balinese food was Bumbu Bali.

As we were walking along the picturesque Discovery Mall (which was a disappointment!) we first, stumbled upon Obama (who claims that he's THE Obama's second cousin 2-3 times removed) who was trying to persuade us to eat at a fusion diner. As we walked along, we saw SEGARA that served AUTHENTIC Balinese grill and cuisine. 

So.... here we are! Yes, Madrekins was tired and I was too, but I'm never tired enough to stop making monkey faces!

This was us, I wanted to Photoshop a picture of Padrekins in, but, too bad! My bro; Darry, His GF; Karin and Madrekins and me!

We waited quite long for our food but we didn't really mind because we enjoyed the view, the beach (without the sand) and we sipped ice cold drinks. Truly blissful!

Was too tired, so, went back to the hotel to have a good night's rest. Pictures of the food will be added subsequently. 

Michelle May

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