Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bali 2013: Day Three - Bali Safari and Marine Park


Day 3 was like the MOST AWESOME DAY EVER!!! I love animals and no matter where in the world I am, I make it a point to visit the zoo or the safari. My fav destination would the the Maasai Mara or any other nature reserves. Through the brochures, we saw Bali Safari and Marine Park. I've visited Taronga Zoo which I thought was one of the best zoo ever! and The safari in Korea and the zoo in Singapore and Malaysia. Now, I put the Indonesian safari on my list. 

The park is relatively huge as they have a safari. I just notice that safari means being in a "van/moving vehicle" and observing the animals in their natural habitat, without cages. The only place I encountered a safari was in Korea, and now Bali. Entrance is not cheap as we paid about 50USD per adult. For more information, do visit Bali Safari WEBSITE.

As usual, more statues, architecture and intricate and scary stuff. 

The highlight of the visit was writing on paper made from elephant poo! they collect the poo from elephant, giraffe and plant eating animals to be processed and made into paper. This is as eco friendly as anyone can get! I loved it!!!

I'm too lazy to describe each and every picture but I could say that this is the best safari ever. I would love to go to an AUTHENTIC AFRICAN SAFARI this year but this is as real as it can get. 

If you have some extra dough to splurge, do stay a night at their Mara River Safari Lodge where you wake up and the free roaming rhinos, zebras and wildebeest greet you a very "Good Morning"

For more information, do check out Mara River Safari Lodge ONLINE for rates and reservations. 

When you're hungry, do drop by Tsavo Lion Restaurant where you dine in a glass enclosure as lions stare at you while you eat. Simply amazing. 

Some helpful tips, you need to purchase "tickets" to take pictures with each animal (50,000 rupiahs) and if you need them to take a picture for you, its an additional 50,000 rupiahs. Thank God I had Karin and she's a professional photographer and she took some brilliant pictures for me, for free! I kinda saved 50,000 rupiahs. 

Oh, all the pretty gorgeous pictures on my posts on BALI, are all from KARIN or Instagram (kayteelle) and she shoots amazing pictures. 

This concludes my amazing short trip to Bali, Indonesia. Till my graduation in a few days! 

Michelle May

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