Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Faith is not a Christian thing. Faith mean believing that tomorrow will come, it's like, taking life for granted. How do we know that we're going to be alive tomorrow? Yet, we sign up for a 5 year course to do our Degrees, we make plans to get engaged, get married, and yet, our retirement funds.

Those who tell me that they have no faith, means they have given up on life. This is where religion comes in. Science dictates that things only exist if you can experience it using any one of your five senses. None of us has felt, smelt, taste, heard or seen God, scientifically, God doesn't exist.

But if you have faith, you believe that He exist because you can "feel" Him. Not with your 5 senses but with your Heart. It's like Love. You can't taste, see, smell, hear or feel Love with your hands, So, does it mean that Love doesn't exist?

Yet, many argues that Love exists, But God doesn't. People are becoming more wicked by the day and maost of them have no conscience or humanity in them. Like I mentioned to my colleague, just because you don't have the heart to harm someone, that doesn't mean that people are like you. There are people out there that won't think twice of hurting you.

I'm just ranting because many shitty things has been happening around me and it's largely due to the GE '13.

I'll move on.

Monday, April 22, 2013

WAREHOUSE: My Latest Obsession

Monochrome Side Panel Dress is just too pretty and like all Warehouse clthes, the cutting is immaculate. Something that I love in my dresses. This dress is figure hugging BUT not tight, The silhoutte is clean and crisp and the panels are well placed, giving the wearer a slimmer and cleaner silhoutte.

Trailing Floral Print Dress (RM 323) is just another beautiful dress. Full stop. Let me tell you why this dress is too gorgeous. Again, I love the tailoring at Warehouse. The front of this dress features a slim band and "pleats" to show maximize your top and slims down to hide your tummy and the back of the waistband is elastic meaning, it falls better, and it has a better shape.

Embroidered Mesh Shell Top (RM183) is a mind blowing, show stopping top. The lace details are so intricate and the fitting again, is perfect like all the other Warehouse clothes. This top is not meant to be worn with a black bra to show off but, it's for you to look classy. If you're not classy, please don't get this. I love the way that it's so classy, clean cut and ust absolutely gorgeous!

Recently, I've been buying WAREHOUSE every week. For 3 weeks, I've bought something. Yes, 3 weeks in a row! Well, WAREHOUSE is definitely not for those looking for a bargain, It's for thse discerning few that believes in precise tailoring and are willing to pay for the materials and the tailoring.

WAREHOUSE has some of the best fitting dresses and clothes that seems to flatter Size 6- Size 18. But in Malaysia, they only go up to Size 14. Maybe my fat body is somehow easier to fit becase If I wear Size 12, I wear everything Size 12.

I have yet to try their pants because I find it absolutely unnecessary to put myself through such torture. You see, I can't buy pants. They can't seem to fit, as if I have some weirdly proportioned hip, butt and legs.

On another note, WAREHOUSE changes their clothes every Wednesday. Meaning, if you see a particular item online, you can expect to find it in stores by Thursday. Those that are of bigger sizes, like Size 14, you need to buy it quick cause they only have 1 piece.

Anyways, will try to take a picture of me wearing my clothes soon... But no guarantees cause I just started work and I've been busy with Income Tax/Teaching Licenses...

Till then,
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Friday, April 19, 2013

Meet Handsome The Rottweiler!!!

Before you meet Handsome, you have to meet Ding Ding... She's Riko's dog and one of the best behaved dog I've ever met... Well, Riko is a Tiger Mother. I'm a Western Mommy so my dog is a tad spoilt...

I love working with huge dogs, which to others, are terrifying, but to me, I love them. I love GSDs, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pitbulls, well, dogs with reputation... What reputation? Well, as tlong as they have a reputation to be able to kill a human being, I love them.

Handsome is well, a different matter entirely. He's huge (A hefty 40KGS) and his lineage is exceptional, giving him a bigger and wider head compared to other Rottweilers. Trust me, I've seen many Rotts. And why do we call him Handsome? Isn't he HANDSOME???

When I showed my parents the pictures, they nearly died of heart attack to see me playing, rolling on the floor and kissing a huge ass Rottweiler that could kill me in an instant. Rest assured that Handsome is the most gentle and happy dog and he shows so much patience as we struggled to take pictures with him...

He simply loves humans... and as long as we're paying him attention, he loves it! He managed to scare a few passerbys and one of them nearly tripped over himself when he saw us playing with Handsome... HAHAH...

I guess I'm a Rott whisperer, And I love Rotts. Another Rott that I simply adore is Oscar (His picture isn't here) and when my bestie's Rott, Prosper (with a reputation of biting and fierceness) was admitted for renal failure, she refused everyone to touch her even her owner except me. I used to feed her with my hands... Gosh, I loved her. Prosper, RIP.

Anyways, I haven't seen Handsome for 1 over week now and I'm missing him like crazy!!! He's always going to be my big, huge, hefty, "baby" boy.....

And yes, I love my dogs the way I love my man, Big, black, scary but gentle... I'm just so sad that the media potray these isunderstood dogs as criminals and terifying.

Handsome lives in a cage most of the time, (he's a clinic dog!) and we take him out for walks twice a day (or the other way round!) and he doesn't have a single aggressive bone in him.

Of course, I would say that most dogs attack because they're provoked. Handsome has been with us for many years and we treat him with respect and the same way, we treat humans.

Even though some people say that dogs living in cages tend to be more aggressive, I hope that you can see these pictures. Most of the time, Handsome is a big giant. He's so silly because he doesn't know that he's so big!

Instead of putting down every fearsome dog (Which is easy!) why can't we instill a sense of resposibility and humanity in ourselves? There are no bad dogs, just very bad, irresposible owners. Working in animal health, you face all sorts of irresponsible owners.

Owners that will only seek medical attention once the dog can't move and looks like it's dying. Then, when the dog dies (within a few hours/days normally) they cry as if their child died. I mean, you can't blame anyone but yourselves.

Oh, especially with maggot wounds, which, ANY RATIONAL PERSON KNOWS THAT IT DOESN'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT and most owners will only bring the dog in once the dog is being eaten alive and no longer able to move. You know what they'll say?

"I don't know what happened. It started yesterday" Of course, the fly's lifecycle is only 1 day. They can tun from eggs to maggots in just 1 day!!

As if he was talking about vomiting and diarrhea, it's a friggin MAGGOT WOUND.

I'm not being mean to the owners, like Caesar Milan said, "A dog deserves a family but not every family deserves a dog"

Yes, A Rottweiler puppy is absolutely adorable but do you know how big it'll grow? The bigger the dog, the higher the cost of maintenance.Oh, please don't get a Rottweiler when you drive a tiny Kancil. You can't transport the dog to a clinic and when the clinic charges you for transportation, you get angry.

Be pragmatic, Rottweilers and other big dogs are very impressive (Most Chinamen loves big dogs to show off), they are not status symbols, they need lots of time for training, lots of money for food and overall, the cost of maintaining them is exorbitant.

Believe it or not but most purebreed dogs we have at the clinic were dumped by irresponsible owners. One of them is Oscar (Rottweiler), Nick (Terrier Mix), Tequila (Pitbull)

All dogs are very endearing and very loving. Next time, think before you buy, Animals or pets are life forms created by God Almighty and they deserve the same level of respect. The only difference is that, we, humans are blessed with the power of rational thinking. Animals don't.

Again, all through my blog, I advocate that people should start adopting. All my animals at home are adopted, yes, even the Cocker Spaniel. You don't just buy a puppy from the pet shop because it was cute.

Without care and maintenance, it won't look cute. Everything looks better if they are properly cared for...

~adopt not buy~
Michelle May

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I love the packaging because the way you package your product shows that you've put in a lot of thought and effort. Some companies just don't get the importance of packaging. They sell you absolutely beautiful and expensive stuff but the box is just too shitty. 

If you're an avid reader of my blog(s), you'll know that I absolutely love Sereni & Shentel, Well, Bowerhaus is the brainchild of Shentel and her equally talented sister, Elizabeth. If you've bought hairbands from Sereni & Shentel, you'll know what I mean about the packaging. 

Well, now, I'm as obsessed about Bowerhaus as I am over Sereni & Shentel. Since, I own more than 10 SS hairbands, I'm splurging on Bowerhaus!!! Oh, I'm in love with the Pascha and the Trio. I'm so in love with the Pascha that I bought 2!!! This one is Rose Quartz and it's such a delicate little thing!

This one was my 2nd purchase, it's the Pascha in Powder Blue. Yes, I truly, love my Pascha(s) sincerely. 

~you know you love me~
Michelle May


I discovered Clarins after I redeemed a Clarins sample from Female Magazine. They gave me 1 week supply of Clarins Double Serum. 

After I finished my sample, my skin is noticeably smoother, more supple and clearer. I'm not going to write about the benefits of the product or the ingredients of the product because there's an overload of such information on the web. Let me however, tell you about my experience with this product. I squirt 1 pump onto my palms and rub it together until it becomes warm and use my palms and press it into my face (Ask a Clarins friendly sales associate to demonstrate) TWICE a day. 

After 1 week, my colleagues were asking me, what products am I using? because my pores seems smaller, my skin is smoother, clearer and more supple and the best and my favourite part? I no longer need to use my foundation/powder, etc... It is that AMAZING!!! Too bad, it's a little on the pricey side, RRP 300MYR +. 

Of course, you need a good "mud mask" to unclog pores and remove impurities. Trust me, those cheap RM5 masks that you buy, it's useless. Just so you know. I would recommend Kiehl's Amazonian Clay (RM100) or Himalaya's Mud Pack (RM22) or Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay (RM120). The common ingredient is Kaolin, a form of clay that will remove impurities. I use this once a week and unlike the other "mud masks" that will dry, this one doesn't. It's still wet when you remove it 15 minutes after application. 

Since a mud mask is to remove impurities, you'll need another moisturizing mask to maintain and hydrate your skin. 

Since my skin is not problematic now, I tend to choose eco friendly and natural products for my skin instead of products heavily laced with chemicals. I'm so glad that I found what I need in Clarins. 

My skin is at it's best right now and I foresee a long term relationship with Clarins. The products are natural, eco friendly, gentle, effective and that is what you get when you merge technology, research and botanicals. 

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Adopted Panda Syrian: STUART

When I first got Stuart at the pet shop, I got him and his brother. Both to be given to my colleague. After a week, (I guess Stuart was weaker), the other hamster, attacked and ripped one of Stuart's testicles out. Stuart was bleeding and was in excruciating pain. 

No way, Stuart was staying with his brother, so, I got him a cage and adopted him and clean his wound everyday. He used to be aggressive (Very rare for Syrians!) and after a while, he's tame enough to take food from my hands. 

With every animal, of course, you need to communicate and interact and touch them everyday. You need to be patient and of course, not be afraid. Animals can sense fear. 

I'm blessed to be able to give Stuart a new and safe home. Poor little thing hasn't been happy as he and his brother fights over the wheel all the time and when I brought him home, and he realized that he has the wheel all for himself, he was estatic! He's so happy with his little home. Hamsters make great pets and they tend to bite but a Syrian is more gentle and less likely to bite compared to the Dwarf. 

Again, do adopt. 

~you know I adopt~
Michelle May